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Special. A/ S.A特優生 Vol 1 – "The crème de la crème and their very special lives"

A school with a very special class made up of an assortment of seven crème de la crème students. These special class “A

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Arakure Vol 3 (黑

This volume of Arakure begins with a story involving a women’s most intimate inner wear. As Sachie is the only female in the Irakuza household predominantly occupied by men, chaos erupts when a piece of lingerie was discovered strewn across the hallway.

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New Poll! – "What describes the group of authors in T.H.A.T Anime Blog best?"

After many months/days of reading our very random sporadic articles and reviews, just what sort of identity do WE (bloggers@T.H.A.T) have in your mind? How would you, as reader/commenter/friend envisage us to be? Do we appear as a schnazyy bunch sputtering random nonsense or are we a group of hardcore lolicon lovers (God forbid that)?

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Arakure Vol 2 (黑

Grandfather Raizou received a letter coupled with an invitation from an old friend who runs a hostel near the beach. Upon hearing about the invitation Sachie jumps at the golden opportunity she has dreamed about for so long – a trip to the beach. What exactly will happen when the entire clan and their following […]

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Arakure Vol 1 (黑

Wakamura Sachie is a recently orphaned 15 year old high school student whose mother had just passed on. Her mother’s demise leaves her with no roof over her head and no kin to rely on. To her bewilderment, an old man, Asagi Raizou, turned up on the last day of her mother’s funeral claiming to […]

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Taiyou no Uta [タイヨウ

Taiyou no Uta タイヨウ

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Hana Yori Dango [花より男

Credits: Screencaps – Tinyangl@LJ 花より男

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January Poll: Ice cream makes me happy, you?


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Goong S AKA Prince Hours is released!

Note: Screenshots from the first two episodes throughout the entry. A little sneak preview to the show, the gorgeous main characters and pretty queen Hahaha. (Credit for screenshots: runhani @ soompi forums) It’s the time of the year with plentiful of new drama series *rejoices* All the overload’s making me spazz with excitement. Haha, I […]

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How about going on a date with T.H.A.T anime blog?

Note: Joo, our resident female blogger, is on the pen. That also means she’s blasphemous as usual toward me and Alkanphel. Also, this poll is fictional. Even if you win anything, you do not get any dates from us. Well, maybe the red dates, that stuff is pretty tasty. We will think about it. Signed, […]

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