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The true gender of Impz?!

Firstly, Merry Christmas to all you happy folks out there! Its a joyous celebration and i hope all you guys have been having fun partying and lapping up the seasonal atmosphere. I’m done with the evilest exams and so impzie prodded me into doing a poll on the blog. So i’ve been assigned the very […]

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STAC Resolution@Expo'06 (Cosplay)

Its the cosplaying/anime fair held at the expo today. The quadders consisting of me, impzus, alkanphel and invis trooped down with cameras and all sorts and found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly surprised at the standard of cosplaying and the amount of characters turn out. We weren’t expecting a lot so you could say it was […]

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K-Drama: Which Star Are You From?

Which Star Are You From is a Korean drama which speaks of a man who fell for a pair of sisters (one dead, one living) and the amount of pressure and objections they face throughout their entire relationship. Which Star Are You From Cast: Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee Jung Ryu Won as im […]

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Soooo… Yeah. I know i haven’t been blogging. D: Don’t kill meee. hahaha. xD Seeing how there are so many comments on the goong entry i did a long while back.. still! continuously! I’m guessing people do check back for more information and stuffu. :] So yes guys.. There’s Goong 2. Thats the good news […]

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[K-Movie] – Mr. Housewife

K-Movie – Mr. Housewife Other titles: Mr. Quiz Queen Story that revolves around how a male homemaker joins a quiz held for housewives in a bid to win the $30,000 prize money for his father-in-law’s surgical operation (he lost the money earlier in a private credit union). Cast: Han Suk Gyu – Cho Jin Man […]

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6000 Viewership

Yes.. Jan aka Impz aka Pimpzie was nagging at me to complete the “thank you for 5000 viewership” banner. It got kinda dragged on and it changed from 5000 to 6000. Amazing man.. XD;; So yeah, a simple banner to show our appreciation towards you guys’ continous support. We hope to bring the best anime/drama/manga/random […]

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J-Drama – My Boss, My Hero – Episode 01

My Boss, My Hero Episodes: Subbed – Currently 3, still running Recommended audience: Everyone esp fangirls of JE boys Cast: Nagase Tomoyo as Sakaki Makio Tegoshi Yuuya as Sakurakoji Nantoka Tanaka Koki as Manabe Kazuya Aragaki Yui as Manabe Kazuya Murakawa Eri as Hagiwara Saki

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K-Drama – Goong

Goong is a Korean drama adapted from a popular man-hwa series by Park So Hee. The story however differs from the way it developes in the man-hwa though the main gist of it remains.                                           […]

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