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Bleach 271: Ulquiorra's rank revealed

I know this is a bit late, but better late than never yes? Oh and this won’t be much of a manga review, considering I’ve never done one. It’s more like a… I-post-and-you-discuss-it kind of thing haha~

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Bleach 119–Under the Bloodlust

Nope, I don’t get the title for this one. We’ll just have to settle with that ugly makeshift title. Summary: Ikkaku had been a street thug without any purpose in life–except for battling. Only, his only passion in battling had been just because there had been nothing else to do. Then he came to the […]

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Bleach 118–Bankai, Ryuumon Houzukimaru!

It’s been more or less a year since I first read the chapters corresponding this episode, and I can say there’s not much difference. This is the episode in which Ikkaku fought Eduardo and, the highlight of the episode, showed his–controversial, at least among the fans–bankai.

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"Zero" is no zero

I watched yet another series recommended by Impz and for my own sanity, please don’t ask how long it took me to finish Zero no Tsukaima. I was doing so well marathoning it, too! But alas, things beyond my control came my way and I finished it in [censored]. Anyway, let me digress to the […]

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Clayr's Comics

I asked for permission from one-of-the-Clayr in DeviantArt if I could possibly feature her comics here in THAT and she graciously agreed. I originally saw her works over at Bleach Forums where she goes by the name of Abhorsen and they made laugh so hard! Comic relief indeed~ She mainly does Bleach and Naruto and […]

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Coming soon… Season 2? Yes? No?

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Kiss Kiss Fall in Love… With Ouran High School Host Club

An introduction, first of all~ Impz initially wanted me to introduce myself as “a green haired loli that impz recruited.” Well, I am neither a loli nor do I have green hair, but yes, I was recruited by him. I am a hyper and food-loving girl who Impz loves to torment, but that’s a whole […]

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