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Kure-nai OVA Episode 1 – Back in action, kind of…

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kure-nai getting an OVA special since I enjoyed watching it when it was previously animated. Jumping into this first episode, it was easy to see some major differences right away.

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Durarara!! Episode 15 – Keep on Truckin’

Starting a bit further back from where the previous episode left off, we see the story from our neighborhood reporter, Shuji Niekawa. After having been tossed like a rag doll by Shizuo, Shuji has been searching the town, continuing his effort to find the “strongest” in Ikebukuro.

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Durarara!! Episode 14 – Whoosh!

I think I found my new favorite character. Shingen Kishitani. Whenever this guy is on screen, he just makes me laugh my ass off. Something about his eccentric personality adds another whole level of comedy to this excellent show. He also seems to be much more dangerous than he lets on to be. Of course, […]

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Durarara!! Episode 13 – Tokyo-style CHiPs

New season, new arc and of course, a new OP and ED. I can’t say that I like the new OP and ED as much as I liked the ones from the first half of this series, but they are quite catchy nonetheless. The “new” characters are also a nice addition to the story and […]

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Durarara!! Episode 12 – Aftermath

Wowowow. Talk about your turn of events here. Although some of you already probably called it, but for those of us who weren’t expecting it, we found out something pretty shocking. This episode feels a bit like an ending for this so called “arc” and rightly so as we’re probably moving on to other things.

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Durarara!! Episode 11 – Calling in the Calvary

These two really are immortal… Okay, so there’s no more speculation about who Mikado really is. Pretty much everything regarding the matter has been answered in this week’s episode. While not really much happened in the present, we learned a bit more about Mikado and why he started up the Dollars. Along with all the […]

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Durarara!! Episode 10 – Awakening

Ryugamine Mikado ikimasu! So what the hell just happened here? For those of us who watched the latest episode of Durarara!!, there was a major turning point in the plot at the very end of the episode. There’re a few speculations I have on what the meaning behind Mikado’s little surge of inspiration was exactly, […]

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Durarara!! Episode 9 – The Pen is Mightier?

God dammit, why is Shizuo so f-ing COOOOOOOL!!!!???? Celty finally finds where her head has been this whole time. Of course, we knew for quite a while, but the gears on this story are finally starting to turn. We also find out how the Yagiri family came into possession of Celty’s head and what happened […]

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Durarara!! Episode 8 – Dude, where’s my head?

Please excuse the Megas XLR reference and the terribad CSI: Miami comic spoof. So the apparent theme of this episode is things that are lost and found. Anri lost her shoes, Erika lost her partner in crime and Celty lost her head… wait we already knew that last one. We’re also treated to some revelations […]

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Durarara!! Episode 7 – If violence had a face…

This episode follows Shizuo and explains a bit of his past and his personality. Despite being a pretty decent episode with a bunch of awesome moments (basically every time Shizuo goes on a rampage), there really isn’t much to talk about in terms of the story. Although, I thought his signature *snap*, *stomp*, *rage* was […]

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