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Kannagi Episode 9 – Great Misunderstandings

After the events of the previous episode, things escalate even further when Tsugumi accidentally starts a rumor within the school about Jin and Daitetsu’s “relationship”.

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Kannagi Episode 8 – Wrath of the Gods

In this episode, we are treated with a generous amount of Nagi fanservice as well as some more appearances of this “other Nagi”. Daitetsu also becomes enemies with Nagi after a series of unfortunate events. P.S. I am writing this post even though I’m really exhausted from work and school so excuse me for any […]

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Kannagi Episode 7 – It's a Sony, damn it!

Sony fanboy to the rescue. I don’t care if this show every gets back on track with the supposed “main story”. As long as they keep up the comedy I can watch these random side stories forever. P.S. Check out this Kannagi fan made video. Nico Nico Douga Youtube

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Kannagi Episode 6 – Crazy Shrine MAIDens (CAFE)

Looks like we’ve upgraded from 8-bit Nagi. Nagi gets a part-time job at a maid cafe to try and make some spending money for herself. Tsugumi coincidentally finds herself working at the same cafe and the Arts Club members also happen to visit all on the same day.

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Kannagi Episode 5 – Competition

I see what you did there. So Zange isn’t exactly moving in with Jin, but tensions between Zange and Nagi continue to increase as Nagi starts to capture some of Zange’s fanbase.

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Kannagi Episode 4 – 100 Yen Confessions

100 Yen? Aren’t confessions supposed to be, you know, free? With the discovery of Nagi’s little sister, Zange, Jin’s life gets a bit more complicated when Zange gets involved.

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Kannagi Episode 3 – Ghost Stories

Freakyz Yes! I love it! This series has to be one of the better shows this season. I love the comedy and I’m impressed by the quality of production put into the show. It may not be the best show this season and it may not be for everyone, but I really do enjoy this […]

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Kannagi Episode 2 – A childhood friend? No wai!!!

You know what they say. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I wasn’t really as impressed by this episode as I was with the first episode. However, I still found it quite enjoyable despite all the cliches being hammered into my brain. I mean come on, a childhood friend that takes […]

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Kannagi Episode 1 – I made it out of wood.

It’s not mahou shoujo… at least I don’t think it will be… So Fall season is finally here and I’m pretty stoked about the wide selection of anime series this season. One of them being Kannagi. Despite having a pretty clique premise, I think this show really has potential. The characters so far are great […]

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To Love-Ru Episode 26 END – Starting Over

Time for some R&R. FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Okay well, it was a nice way to end the series even though they basically took the ending from the manga. This was actually probably the best way to end it too without finalizing any relationships or anything. But, yes, it’s finally over and I’ll […]

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