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“Advanced” Final impressions of spring 2010 – T.H.A.T’s fortune tellers speak

That is what you will feel after reading this Mystlord and me were discussing about making midseason reviews for all the series we watched. You know the drill, we write how we find an anime series is so darn awesome/atrocious that we go into total fits why everyone else should like it or that it’s […]

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How to Quickly Establish Yourself as an Episodic Blogger

Foreword by ghostlightning Impz did three things well: establish a damn successful episodic blog operation, put together a still-thriving multiple author site, and catch too many people with his trap charms. Today he will talk about the first success and those who want to take a plunge in this anime blogging hobby. The majority of […]

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Giant Killing 10 – Strategy: Why Tatsumi wanted a high defensive line

My eyes are on you… Giant Killing has been one of my favorite anime, but I never found the motivation to blog it. I think part of it is that I do not want to do any summary since it is boring to summarize a football game. Football is always the best when watched live […]

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A vote for T.H.A.T is a vote for hot cool Tomoe yuri love!

The yuri compels you! Our opponent this round is Anime Instrumentality, an excellent music blog. I am quite sure that if you like anime music, his blog is the blog to look for music reviews. Now, I think it is the cue for a pitch to vote for us. As usual, we won’t tell you […]

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 10 – YES, FINALLY FRICKING KYAARIFIC YES!

The title speaks it all. Oh, that and I will definitely pay for a yuri show involving Sakura, Misaki and Aoi, with the end transforming all of them into a harem for Usui. OH YES. On a more personal note, I wish Francis from Tiamat’s reviews and his family well after he finally passed away […]

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Omo reading my post? That almost sounds weird. Scratch that, IT IS WEIRD!

I recently stumbled upon a circlest jerklist event conducted by Zzeroparticle, author of Anime Instrumentality. Honestly, with any luck, one of the most serious editorial bloggers out there, Omo of a lot of om drew the short end of the stick to read my entry. Even more amusing is the fact that he read one […]

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Hacookie Episode 9 – The Shinsegumi is …

Who let the crazies out? Who! Who!! Who!!! After a slight detour last episode, we go straight back into the serious stuff in Episode 9. What will happen when a certain incident threatens the disintegration of the Shinsegumi?

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T.H.A.T Loves Tomoe!

Do you love her too? More information at your friendly T.H.A.T Anime blog in the future. Very near future.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 9 – The reason why a filler-like episode is just wrong

This is how I feel when I see a filler-like episode in my shoujo series. Seriously, this is funny but I wonder whether there is a point at all for this episode other than “Ha Ha, this is so stupid?” Anyway, despite the fact that this is a manga chapter, I call this a filler […]

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T.H.A.T. Summer 2010 Anime Preview

This has been buzzing in my head for a while. Excitement ensues! Welcome to THAT’s summer 2010 season preview! Most information comes from ANN, MAL, Moonphase (Moonspeak for the win!) and/or Wikipedia synopsis, images from the same in most cases unless I am forced to engage in the translation of moonspeak, and that isn’t pretty […]

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