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Hacookie Episode 8 – Chizuru becomes ….a woman?

If anything, this is probably the sleeper hit of this season. I am not sure why everyone is not watching this. Is it the fact that people feel threatened with their masculinity if they watch a show filled with bishies? There’s actually a pretty interesting plot in this series, and it’s a huge pity that […]

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Aniblog tournament – the positive externalities behind this “elitist event”

I so love this motivational poster for painfully true this is. I think that any form of competition or event involving a group of opinionated bloggers (or any group with opinions) tends to have a set of critics stating that it is elitist. Anyone can go into making an event with the best intentions, yet […]

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The older we are, the more embarrassed we become of our interests (anime/games/etc)

We only played this at home. Since it’s quite embarrassing telling the whole world your love for anime (and games too). I am not sure if this is prevalent among anime fans, but don’t you realize the older you are, you tend to be more secretive over your interests. I talked to Reverse Vampire about […]

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 8 – Usui saves the day… for the 18859th time

What a delicious scene… my mind is wild with explosion. What if Usui is seeing this POV? Kaichou wa Maid-sama decides to be a less fluffy at the start with pretty serious heavy stuff (well, at least for this series anyway). Honestly though, let me go back to the picture at the top. It’s almost […]

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Aniblog tournament review: Ani-gamers AND a rant on tactlessness

As you know from an earlier post, THAT is currently in Round 2 of the Aniblog tournament against Ani-gamers. I finally have some time off to take a look at Ani-gamers’ blog and realize that it is a team blog! It is perhaps the second time that I visited their blog, and I think that […]

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The bias in anime – Social representation of elitism

The elites: Scourges of society. Wait… what? Before you think I am writing about how there is elitism among anime fans, I assure you not, because you can read the posts here, here, here and here. There is no place for me to talk about it. This topic actually came about after watching Kaichou wa […]

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*Insert reason to vote for T.H.A.T in Aniblog* plus other admin matters

I really wish for the next beautiful anime series like this. Sigh. Just a quick update on the various things involving T.H.A.T. 1. We have just restored the contact form here,so it is easier for us to respond to you. We are also open to ideas from advertisers who are keen to advertise on the […]

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13’s random comment on the sadists and masochists of Hacookie episode 7 (Hakuoki)

I have no clue why she likes to call it Hacookie, instead of Hakuoki. I presume she thinks it is cute to call it weird names. I think this might be a common feature on the blog because she tends to make really funny comments when she is watching anime, but she is so darn […]

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The most erotic phone conversation ever between an anime blogger and his wife

13Sugars: there’s gonna be tons of events.. my phone. my phone Impz: just get an old phone? Impz: : and how come your new phone doesn’t work again Impz: : u can’t charge it? Impz: : sometimes, it’s the battery connector for the phone 13Sugars: : … for some reason the charger plug-in part in […]

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Quick bites: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 7

I am such a sucker for megane girls. I mean, a maid costume with spectacles? That’s impossibly hot. I was thinking about whether to post a pure episode summary, but I think that it is becoming harder and harder for me to do that. So, since I am so rusty at blogging, I might as […]

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