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The deathly bells of a single blogger and a commentator

By the decreed of the evil Thirteensugars, I have made a random post. So, if you are new to the blog and have no clue who Thirteensugars is, or who the heck Impz is in the first place, it’s all right. You are more than welcome to ignore this post and just enjoy your anime […]

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 1 Review – Hate, love and Happiness

I admit that I have built up a lot of anticipation within my own crazy brain about Kaichou wa Maid-sama, which by the way, is never a good idea to enjoy anything. Being a shoujo-loving fan, Kaichou wa Maid-sama’s manga had all the ingredients for success. You have a headstrong lady, a cool as cucumber […]

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What Impz Hate about Anime – Damsels in distress

Just yet another example of the emo-subsersive shoujo female lead I was recently watching a Taiwan soap opera while munching down my dinner. It was an epic story about love, easily summarized into men who cheated on women, and stupid women who goes all emotional while hanging on to those jerks like they are pots […]

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Yet another random post from a random ghost

The AFA 09 in Singapore is here again, and I was thankful that they actually emailed me to offer me a media pass. Honestly, work has been so tiring these days that I had to sadly ignore NovaJinx’s calls on Friday because of intensive meetings at work. On a pleasant note, I didn’t expect the […]

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New blog design feedback cum Poll post

I can’t believe the stupid perverts (i.e. Crusader and Calawain) laughed at my title post. What’s so funny about the title anyway? So, let’s get the key thing started first. We need your feedback on our new spanking blog design. Kabitizin of Sea Slugs Team fame helped us with this wonderful blog design, and we […]

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A random ghost appears and writes some random things

Hi all random THAT anime blog readers, My nick is Impz and I currently reside in a place known as the abyss of bloggers. You know, the place where retired bloggers think about how cool they used to be and brag about their former glories. Obviously, I cannot even say that I have ever been […]

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ chapter 4 – Manga Translated!

Chapter 4 is finally done after a pretty busy week for me. It’s a background story about Vito and his wife that is mentioned in Episode 3 (at least I think it is). It’s quite nice to be honest, and there are some interesting themes for such a short chapter. Anyway, you can read it […]

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Souten Kouro Episode 4 – I am on uncharted territory.

I must admit that my knowledge of Cao Cao before the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era is very low (which means the later period of Eastern Han and its fall). I would probably need some help from nice readers to enlighten me on some issues that I will be discussing here. Obviously, rather than […]

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ chapter 3 – Done!

Chapter 3 took much longer because there is a lot of dialogue compared to the first 2 chapters. It’s a very interesting chapter to say the very least. I urge you to read it. Oh, and I decided to be shameless and make a credit page for myself. Don’t kill me for it! Cheers! As […]

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Ristorante Paradiso Episode 3 – Why is it so darn good?

The question in my mind: Why is a show about old men, food and some romance so darn good? There are some shows out there that are great, and you know why they are great. FLCL is great because it has an insane level of energy and craziness that makes your heart pounding for more. […]

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