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Junjou Romantica Episode 3-5: Sorta-Kinda-Not-Really

Good kick, Hiroki. And nice teeth. Apologies for not blogging for the past two weeks. I had been overseas. Although… someone did promise to review episode 3 for me, didn’t he? -_- Anyway. Episode 3 has already been subbed, so I wouldn’t spend too much time on it. Episode 4 is well… Usagi and Misaki […]

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Junjou Romantica Episode 2: And on to the bed… or sofa

(Apologies for the rather late post. I was going to post yesterday night, but the blog was down, and I had work all day today. And apologies too for not returning comments from the last episode. I’ve been ultra busy. I’ll try to do better this week.) Warning! Episode 2 has a bit more steam […]

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Junjou Romantica Episode 1 – BL bordering on Yaoi

Warning: This is in-your-face Boy Love, bordering on yaoi in terms of steaminess. If you are homophobic and/or violently allergic to male-male romance, I advise you not to watch the anime. Yes, I’m blogging this very controversial anime. At least for an episode or two. I can say that I’m doing it because I want […]

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Gakuen + Shoujo = Wheeeee!

There are so many gakuen (school life) + shoujo (girls) animes this season, many of which are adapted from very famous and/or popular manga. Which would you – the shoujo anime lover – choose, I wonder? Here, I’ve gathered three popular shoujo + gakuen animes this season and made a comparison between them. Because I’m […]

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Anime Review — Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Kurenai no Tsuki (OVA)

In English, the title means “In a Distance Time 3: Crimson Moon”. A pretty title, somewhat poetic, as fitting for an anime that is adapted from a game very popular among females. This OVA is an hour long animation that has no beginning, no ending, and a lot of pretty men. Not a very attractive […]

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Honey and Clover Live Action Episode 1

Warning: This is graphics-heavy, so loading may that some time. Seems like I’ve gone a bit trigger happy with the screenshots. Not an anime, but hey, this was adapted from a manga and there was an anime with 2 seasons adapted from the same source, so I think it has its place here. The dorama […]

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A Rambling Monologue on Why I Think Plot Originality is an Overrated Concept (With a pin-sized review on Sisters of Wellber II)

(All Sisters of Wellber II episode 1 screenshots here, because I’m too lazy to search for more.) I don’t know, do you get any yuri vibes from Rita and Tina gazing into each other’s eyes, or am I thinking too much? Watching Sisters of Wellber II has been mildly interesting, but not much more than […]

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Top Ten “New” Bishounens

Like Fushigi Yugi, Saiunkoku Monogatari is an anime filled with bishounens. The four portrayed here are just the tip (albeit wonderfully beautiful tips) of the iceberg of bishie-ness. Apologies for the delay. I’ve been busy. And then I had to struggle with my listing, because I just couldn’t quite make up my mind for the […]

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Top Ten “Old” Bishounens…

… in Briar’s book. This picture is here for no better reason than that Fushigi Yugi is one of the best known animes filled with bishounens in the 90s. A couple months back, when I first joined THAT, Impz asked me if I wanted to do an editorial on bishounens. I was interested, seeing as […]

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Kaze no Stigma Episode 24 – What the Wind Protects (Final Episode)

The magic circle that would summon the Big Bad Demon Belial, who is apparently a lot more powerful than the Turtle but is defeated in a jiffy. Since Impz appears to have been rendered sick by work life, I shall do my best to provide something in his absence. Lo and behold, a Kaze no […]

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