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Hakushaku To Yousei Ep 7 – The Fairy-Style Sort-of-Engagement

I think I can cue 13sugars to go KYAA KYAA KYAA here. Thirteensugars is supposed to write the introduction of the entry, but she was a lazy piglet that refused to write anything. The honest truth was that I (Impz) procrastinated over the entry due to some unpleasant real life events during the previous week. […]

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Hakushaku To Yousei ep 5 – Loli, Horsie and Jealousy

This episode reminds me of how much I like to dance and Impz’s definition of dancing, which is to hold my hand and watch me twirl like a top. This episode was actually the story arc covered in the first drama CD of Hakushaku to Yousei. Hopefully, we would get to see some kissie-kissies between […]

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Hakushaku To Yousei Ep 4 – Merrow's Secret vs. Victoria's Secret

It’s Merrow’s Secret’s latest style. And the winner is… Loli-Merrow! That’s not her on the image though.

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Hakushaku To Yousei Ep 3 – Here, poochy poochy poochy~

Merrow Island had lots of green things like green-eyed people and green fields, and maybe that was why the black fearsome-looking poochy was at odds with Lydia’s expectations. Sit, boy!

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Hakushaku To Yousei Ep 2 – Half nakedness!

First and foremost, just so we’re all clear here. I’m neither a pervert nor am I an otaku. Liking the ED of this anime series simply shows I appreciate art. How can anyone not appreciate such a fine piece of exquisiteness all laid out on white linen sheets? After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I’m definitely beholden.

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Happy Birthday, Shnooky Wooky Pookams!

Yunoki Azuma. The best anime character personality that resembles Impz’s the most in my opinion. Yes, believe it or not, THAT trap has left stage 25 of his life to stage 26. Heck, I can’t believe it either. He still acts the evil brat towards me. And yes, Impz is evil, pure evil! May lightning […]

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Hakushaku To Yousei Episode 1 – Impz sitting in an English setting shoujo

Sadly, this is not Thirteensugars writing this entry. It is still Impz, due to the fact that my stupid girlfriend wriggled out like a piglet from the review of the first episode. She literally frustrated me with her inability to keep with the schedule, but she will be back with Episode 2 when it comes […]

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Thirteensugars' epic adventure into the common world of manga lore

Our most loved female otaku who does not want to be recognized as one. It’s always good to have a chance to laugh at your dumb girlfriend when you wake up in the morning. Here is the tale as re-accounted by my girlfriend on a private chat online. For some reason, she is speaking in […]

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[WhiteLight] Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 4 is out!

Since Impz is busy “trap-ing” his silly tushy in Lisbon, I’m here to announce that Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 4 is out. Hyuga-sama!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! …I still have no clue how I made the image above pop there…. You can find the episode torrents here, or any of your friendly sources. Cheers and tell them how […]

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That Fall Review: 1st episode of Dragonaut and Shana II

Finally it has come for the more anticipated shows to arrive to our little screen. With glee, THAT Anime Blog welcomes the two hotshots of the Fall season, namely the lolicious Shana in Shakugan no Shana II, as well as the boob-filled (I am not kidding) Dragonaut. I will build on the anticipation that I […]

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