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All Heil Pain!

Naruto is one of the most frustrating and at the same time enjoyable Mangas I’ve ever read; frustrating because of its weak lead character, Naruto, and enjoyable because of its amazing storyline, character development and battles. I didn’t know where to start on this one. As you all know Pein-sama is fighting Jiraya so naturally […]

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West vs. Asia!

Hi everyone! As you know I write about Manga but I missed my entry this week(damn exams!). To make up for it, here by I present you, Asia vs. West! These are amazing works of Liu Young; a Chinese painter who has lived and studied in Germany. The contrast in his work is simply astonishing […]

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Bleach Rules The World!

Hi everyone! This is Otoha, your new Manga writer ^__^ I’ll be writing about Naruto and Bleach and if time allows, more popular Mangas such as I hope you like it. Bleach; this Manga gave meaning to my life! I’ll be honest, I’m a bleach freak. Just to tell you how much I love […]

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