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No. 6 Episode 10: I lost my appetite.

Shion: The Gunslinger. Prepare to meet your doom for hurting my precious Nezumi, you monster. After watching the mind-blowing episode last week, for a long time I watched this week’s episode the moment I got home. It did not disappoint me…for the most part at least. Nezumi and Shion waste no time infiltrating the correctional […]

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No.6 Episode 9: An ounce of pain.

No need to be shy, we need the song as badly as the people stuck in the truck who are sent for execution. A continuation of the previous episode, Shion and his team of misfits has begin their plans to infiltrate No. 6’s correctional facility in the most daring and dangerous way ever known to […]

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Ao No Exorcist Episodes 19 & 20: The cake is not a lie.

By human standards I doubt it’s edible for us, Okumura-kun. You sure have weird taste in cooking Fried Demon Wings, Coal Tar Tart and vice versa for your diet. No Shima, it’s not what you think it is. We return to the AnE reviews once more after the disaster called Episode 18. Despite being a […]

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No.6 Episode 8: It’s Saturday! And you know what that means.

“Are you going to save the girl but risk the world’s stability, or are you going to save the world, but never will you meet your “ No. 6 is back with another great episode as Shion and Nezumi visits a hermit and have the truth given to them, as well as revealing the reason […]

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No. 6 Episode 7: Nothing can stop us now.

We’ll have a threesome once we save Safu from the evil correctional facility and break the wall separating your people and mine. Welcome back. And some great episode this is as you can see; this episode, Shion finally stands up for himself and gets fed up with Nezumi’s abusive treatment and decides to go on […]

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Ao No Exorcist 17 & 18: Back on track. Err, maybe not.

Here comes Black★Rock Shooter Blue★Demon Exorcist, waiting to destroy all you demons. So, like episode 16, episode 17 (but not 18) has a mix of original material and manga material. I’m not sure what A-1 will make out of it for the last 6 episodes, but looking at the many examples with series ending with […]

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No. 6 Episode 6: The Public Security Bureau is Watching Safu.

So, what do you think I am? Gay for Nezumi? Bi for both Safu and him? We’re half way though now that we know something big and fishy is in store within the walls of No.6. Much of the first half focused on the interaction between Safu and Karan and Safu’s eventual realization that nothing’s […]

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No. 6 Episode 4 & 5: My conflicting emotions…

Safu’s thinking about some creative S&M moves so that she can pull it on Shion skillfully once she returns to No.6. Hey, guys. It’s been a while. I have finally watched episode 4 and five in one go, and I must say episode 5’s a very strange episode. With so many events to take note […]

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Ao No Exorcist 16: It’s Judgement Day, people!

Well said, Mephisto Pheles, well said. Before you guys come clobbering me for not posting my review of No. 6, school’s just started and I can only spare my free times on weekends. Expect an update on episode 4 and 5 this Saturday. But not the Ao No Exorcist reviews though. This week; Rin faces […]

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Ao No Exorcist 15: It’s Time.

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