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No. 6 Episode 3: Welcome to Reality.

Oh god *touches face*…I look…PERFECT. And BEAUTIFUL!!! So you’re wondering where the boy with the white hair as shown in the promos is, right? Well, this week’s episode has all the answers you need given in a silver spoon, as well as taking a good look at the rest of the world outside No. 6. […]

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Ao No Exorcist Episode 14: Rin, we’re going to Camp…Rock Lantern!

Okay, so it doesn’t look like what we seen in the itinerary… I thought it was a much cooler place than this. Due to time constraints, I’m not posting as many screenshots as I did for the previous reviews. It’s already summer vacation for Rin and crew, so they are on a three-day training camp […]

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No. 6 Episode 2: Pen pen, pen penguin~

Seriously, it all started with a penguin stranded lost in New Zealand: And then three cute mascot penguins stop by the Takakura household: Finally, we have robot penguins hanging around No.6: Totally penguins this season. Jokes aside, episode 2 starts off immediately with a four-year time skip, but since the series has only 9 more […]

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Ao no Exorcist 13: Boys, my eyes are up here.

Cameraman, stop focusing on my boobs so much. I’m a rounded and interesting character, if you haven’t realize that sooner. After Shura Kirigakure was introduced last week to save Rin from going out of control in a fight against Amaimon, this week the episode focus on Rin’s unhappy childhood, Shura’s relationship with the late Father […]

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2011 Summer Line Up First Impressions: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Usagi Drop & Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

As usual this is a follow up of my previous summer line-up first impressions. While anime series premiering in summer aren’t exactly the strongest for the previous years that gone by, this year’s line-up seem to be going beyond everyone’s expectations. Sure, there are many loli-centered series this time, but nothing beats the moeness of […]

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2011 Summer Line-Up First Impressions: Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, Blood-C, No. 6

It’s the time of the year again! The first impressions are long overdue as I bring you my opinions of the shows I’m watching currently for the Summer Season. Originally I was going to put Uta no Prince-Sama together with the former two, but I decided to replace it with No. 6 at the last […]

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Ao No Exorcist 11&12: Fun, fun, fun, fun! Taking the FUN Express!

Except that Shiemi’s not in a movie. She’s gonna end up like you, dun dun dun. I don’t recall the manga having any beach extras, so here we are with another original anime material (unlike episode 5, which the first half is taken from extras in volume 2). One more anime-original filler, and I’ll be […]

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Ao No Exorcist 10: Nya!

Can’t wait to replace Hachiko. Cats rule the world now. Instead of going for long titles, this week for a change let’s go with a one-word title. After all, less is more. While Rin and Yukio recover from all the hijinks that has been happening in the last three episodes, it’s time for Rin to […]

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Ao no Exorcist 09: Surprise, surprise!

Like those two above I’m doing absolutely nothing. Disappointed. Enraged. Tear-able. Time to unleash my hidden RRRAAAAGGGEEE!!!! E3 sucked big time this year: Other than showing off their new consoles (Wii U, Playstation Vita) everything else is disappointing. All the games that I’m expecting are not shown there. There’s too many people, the food sucks, […]

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Ao no Exorcist 08: Welcome to Quiet Hill.

I think I change my mind. Crap, there’s still four more months till Halloween and I’m going to cry so hard this isn’t funny at all. In a couple of hours, I will be distracted with E3 for the rest of the day on the internet. So I just need to make it short and […]

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