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You fuckers thought I was gone, didn't you?

Riex emerges from the shadows once again! No loli or frog is safe!

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Your anime eating habits.

I mean…viewing habits. Right. Impz, after he finds out I wrote this post. So this post isn’t super amazing in length or depth, but it’s does pose a valid, interesting question…so start posting answers people!

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THAT: BS Edition 001

THAT Wall of the Week: The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya by jaoi55 Thoughts: Have we not all been wondering where Haruhi-sama hath vanished to? WTF Kyoto, give me Haruhi or give me death…or at least more Full Metal Panic. You have to admit, this wall is hawt stuff. Makes me think the Haruhi crew is […]

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Nabari no Ou 04: Ordered Mission

Hahaha fangirls! This one is for ME! I continue to be impressed. This time it’s not by crazy fighting shenanigans, but by the subtleties in the story telling. It’s hawt shiz! Hah! Did you think I was gonna go all serious and stuff? For those worried about the future of Nabari posts, never fear…I’ll continue […]

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Riex brings the WTF!

THAT Wallpaper of the week: Everylittle thing by Xyric. Thoughts: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. This is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen. But it’s still fscking awesome. If I was one of the Pokemon in the wallpaper above, which would I be and why? Rating: 8/10 Pokemon + Gay Expressions + Rainbows = WIN…points off for the background […]

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Soul Eater 03: The Prologue Ends

OMG! It’s the rare limited edition Pokemon…Symmetru! [Intro] This week I’m bringing you the start of our new, out-of-the-box Soul Eater blogging. Episode 03 was the end of the Soul Eater prologue and I think it’s an appropriate starting point for our “SRS Business” blogging. After the obligatory summary and thoughts I’ve begun work on […]

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Nabari no Ou 03: Assault

For the Fangirls. And Impz…he likes guys too. Holy shit. In one episode, Nabari no Ou has instantly grabbed my top spot for the week so far. I don’t even think Soul Eater’s third episode is going to be able to top this one. To describe it in one word: Intense. I was going to […]

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Soul Eater 02: Get Ready!

*sigh* Why do the retards end up with all the cute girls? [Intro] I’ve explained my disdain for episode summaries. I’ve rambled about the Friday Ramble and my One-Shot War ideas. Sweated my face off working on the site theme and the majority of the previews for the current season. I’ve pestered and harassed you […]

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Nabari no Ou 02: Raimei Arrives

  Hahaha! LOL…yeah! Fag. Nabari no Ou entries are not going to be of epic proportions (yet). Due to some “complications” I guess I’ll be handling Nabari mostly by myself. This wasn’t the planned idea, so you’ll have to give me a week or two to redo my mindset and get this series kicked into […]

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Reader Questionnaire

Pictures of pirates are always appropriate. I need feedback! Below are a few questions and I would LOVE some responses…be as verbose or concise as you like. What I end up doing here is dependant upon your answers! (yes, I know this is late…sorry) Soul Eater update: I’m going to be following the ‘Late Night’ […]

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