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Library Wars Episode 1 – "Clearly the BEST 1st episode this season"

I wish Rieu took an image of Komaki instead. I like him better. Iku is all right, I guess. This is the third series in the spring 08 season that I am very keen about. Library War plays on a rather unique storyline: the understanding of information and the use of information as a social […]

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Soul Eater: Late Night version and other Spring Updates

For those who haven’t heard already (or didn’t read the tiny hint I gave in my previous Soul Eater post), Soul Eater is set to air on two different days each week. On Mondays, the regular daytime version is released, and on Thursdays a “Late Night” (LN) version will be released. Although everyone kept calling […]

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Soul Eater Episode 01

  I’m currently shaking from a 25 minute non-stop intake of Soul Eater crack. I’m seriously shaking with excitement as I sit here trying to pull my brain together in an attempt to write up some kind of episode review for you guys. I guess we could start off by saying that I was so […]

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Nabari no Ou Episode 01

More like Nabari no PIMP. That’s right, the PIMP of Nabari. Let’s just go ahead and start this out right by saying that I am automatically going to be biased in every way possible in regards to this show. Hell, the ED wasn’t anything special, but I’m gonna say it rocked anyway. If that doesn’t […]

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Kure-nai Episode 01

  Let’s start with my initial impressions of Kure-nai. Pulling a few quotes from a previous THAT post: “Rieuzedx: I’m not feeling the character designs. The PV was kinda interesting looking though. Wait and see, wait and see.” “Rieuzedx: Kodomo no Jikan meets Persona…Kure-nai is their visual offspring. I’m not too keen on the art […]

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To LOVE-Ru Episode 01

This post contains my thoughts on the RAW version of each episode. I have very minimal knowledge of Japanese, so these posts contain mostly impressions on music, voices, OP/ED, animation, and overall feel of the anime. Take everything with a grain of salt, and enjoy.   Lol. To LOVE-Ru, commonly verbalized as “Trouble”, had impressed […]

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Allison & Lillia Episode 01

  So, ever since I woke up this morning, I’ve been watching season 6 of Scrubs while constantly refreshing the homepage of my chosen RAW provider. That’s something I’m going to be doing for the next week/week and a half. I’ve got all the air dates worked out to my own time (Eastern) and approximate […]

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Sappy thoughts during the aftermath of 3.0

It’s been a rough week. This is my rant about it. Not so much about my life and whether or not I like hotdogs (*cough* ask Impz), but just some thoughts on THAT, and how me being here pertains to you. *there are no pictures* I’m the type of person who believes in the whole […]

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THAT animeblog Version 3.0

Yeah, you read it right. THREE-POINT-OHHHHH! Lols. So Impz (despite numerous threats about me disappearing in 2 months due to laziness or alien kidnappings) has allowed me to run rampant all over the site. That’s half the reason I wanted to write here (the other half being our fantastic readers…duh!). To make things short, part […]

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Updated Spring 2008 Dates/Videos

Rawr. Here’s a quick news update for those who read the FR: I got so pissed at Bleach and Narutard this week that I didn’t even bother writing a Friday Ramble…would’ve been more or a Friday Whine ‘n’ Complain. Even though it just started, there will be no FR during the month of April. I’m […]

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