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annotated blogroll #2

1. Vendredi (FungaFuFu) blogging since: January 2009 Fungafufu is actually a team blog, but no one besides Vendredi seems to post…ever. Vendredi offers medium length analysis that is academically-oriented but without the jargon and inaccessibility. It’s still a bit hard to wade through in the sense that the subject matter itself is very abstract (like […]

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annotated blogroll #1

I think this method gets to the heart of the aniblog tourney v2, that is, exposure to new or low-key blogs. Actually, in admittedly ironic hindsight, the aniblog tourney is probably a waaayyyyy better PR instrument than this since people will easily get caught up in the shitstorm that is high school popularity, rather than […]

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aniblog tourney!!!!, or, give me new blogs!

5camp put together an aniblog tournament. I think THAT is in it again. People have already talked

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ok, so, I have a confession to make.

it turns out that a lot of people have been confused about this video that’s been circulating around the internet lately. a blogger called Jaalin confessed his confusion. He links to other people. But the thing is. I am Jason Mraz. [here’s my entire life story condensed into a single image, since it’s basically worth […]

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re: ghostlightning (in other words, notes on Dobashi)

Future otou-san ghost had much to say about the paucity of testosterone in our much loved Hatsukoi Limited.

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when a maaaan loves another maaaaaan~

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私のテイトク, 君のテイトク, 私たちのテイトク!

Better late than never.

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Powerchord, East Wind, (屮゜Д゜)屮♫

[←122] Kaioshin: Is it because Saki gets right into the whole Mahjong affair while K-On lingers until the very end of the episode? I’m not quite sure what it is specifically, but it’s probably a combination of the above and the fact that I find the Mahjong fair presented to me in Saki’s opener fair […]

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A Call to Arms! – your staves, raise them!

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