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Problematic Love

“You are both extremely excellent students. Your grades and living habits are flawless. Eventually, you’ll both become capable people who will heighten this school’s reputation even more. I look forward to it.”

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Blog Pimping Chain Letter

From Martin: Here’s my attempt at irony: a recently-established blog that somehow tries to draw attention to other blogs. Heh. Actually the reason I’m posting the links here is that I’ve started to find I’ve been moving more and more feeds on my feedreader into the wittily-titled Hiatus Disease folder; a feeling shared by others […]

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“If I Were To Have That Hairstyle” In Real Life

Hynavian did a great post of this from a girl’s perspective, so I thought I’d complement her post with one from a guy’s perspective. Same rating criteria too. Fashion Sense – My personal grading system for the style; whether its original, stylish or just plain weird. [A scale from 1 to 10 where the higher […]

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musings in anime music [18]: Toradora OST

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 02: Stepmom-senpai

To make the template easier to follow, this time our collaboration has been formatted as a chat.

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Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou 01: Return of the Bishie and his Cat

Omisyth: black lelangir: blue ←[109] First thing I noticed was that the OP got kind of a generic pop sound to it. Yeah, I wasn’t fond of it, but the lyrics were significant. It’s very similar to the OP change in Marimite – there’s a line that says something like “embrace the fact that you […]

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Preemptive ABA 2009 Nominations

Black is lelangir. ←[107] see lolikit’s here. Blue is lolikitsune. “Ne, lelangir-san, lelangir-san~!” “Nani, eruke?” “For the awards, do you nominate your favorites or the ‘objective’ best?” “wut” Here, lolikit and lelangir take a look around the ‘sphere and discuss whom they would nominate for what if the Anime Blog Awards were to take place […]

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A Christmas Dialogue Round 1

←[104] This was a round-robin by lelangir, Lbrevis, ghostlightning and usagijen. In it, we start by discussing Christmas (we started a while ago heh…) and how it’s turned into such a commercial enterprise. We use Kannagi and Lucky Star as vehicles for our discussion. This round robin took place in the form of a chain […]

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AMVerse – speculations on a 'sphere

←[101] The majority of AMV’s suck. Few are good. But the ones that are good have the potential to be trailers. Yes, there’s not much difference between a PR trailer produced by a company and a fan-made AMV. However, the difference that is evident is subtle yet has much larger implications.

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Over 9000 Meaningless Words

←[100] first impressions on Mariaholic In the first part, ghostlightning and I talk about Kannagi. In the second, superfani talks about art in general. Essentially, the conclusion we came to was that the religious metaphorical elements are played out in such that they themselves constitute a subplot. This is how Nagi searches for idolatry. As […]

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