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Kimi no Iru Machi chapter 11-20 – Highway to the FRIEND ZONE

Things get a bit more complicated with the introduction of Akari and her crush, and how Haruto has to try and balance helping her and managing his own life. Things get a bit predictable later on in this, but there is a sudden confession that lurches things forward between Haruto and Nanami. But more factors […]

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Kimi no Iru Machi chapters 1-10 – Hopping On The Ragewagon

With the OVA recently released, I figured that now would be a good time to get to reading Kimi no Iru Machi, a series that I’ve heard so very much about. Howls of rage and sadistic laughter echo through the halls of the anibloggotwittersphere, and the sane speak in hushed whispers of something about “a […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 13 – Our Savior, Miya

Through Miya, all things are possible. The series comes to a close with a fanservice episode that ended up not being all that fanservicey, thankfully. While it was set in an onsen spa and there was fanservice, it actually wasn’t too bad for the most part. That said, it wasn’t quite the first Haruka or […]

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2012 Spring Season Preview

With the current season about to end, it’s time for the spring season preview! There are a lot of new series, and the return of second seasons (or halves) for shows like Fate/Zero, Korean Zombie Desk Car Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Kimi to Boku, and Phi Brain. And some continuations of older ones, such as the […]

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The April Fools Return of Toonami – Night of the Nostalgia Bomb

Last night, for April Fools, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim had a special (re)broadcast of Toonami, the programming block that brought a lot of us in the US our first real taste of anime. Needless to say, enthusiasm spread like wildfire online as they played some of the first anime series many of us who grew up […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 12 – The Proposal

The last arc (but not episode) of Amagami SS+ concludes the second Haruka arc with the story of how Junichi and Haruka came to be married. Overall the story wasn’t bad, just a bit short like all the two-episode arcs have been. But I think, in this final arc, that I’ve finally lost all patience with […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 11 – What Is This, Hibiki Doesn’t Even…

Now on to the final arc of Amagami SS+, ending the sequel where the original began. Unfortunately it’s not as far into the future as I expected. Considering that the other arcs have been going in something like chronological order, I expected this one to start off post-graduation for Haruka, at least. Especially given the […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 10 – Best Couples

Got a bit behind, so I’m going to make this post a bit short so as to have the episode 11 post up shortly. So light on the recap, mostly my thoughts on the episode and events. Sae’s arc ended last week on a pretty good note. Junichi making a documentary/reality show out of the […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 09 – Hail Sae-tan!

I was one of the few that really liked Sae’s first arc in Amagami SS, so I was excited to see how her afterstory arc would start off. And I was not disappointed. Amagami can do comedy really well when it tries, when it goes full-tilt for comedy, as the Sae arcs do. Nakata Jouji is […]

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Amagami SS+ episode 08 – Kaoru’s Face When

The conclusion to the Kaoru arc ended pretty much how her first arc did: had its moments, kinda sweet now and then, but overall fairly underwhelming, unfortunately. Amagami seems to be continuing its ups-and-downs writing style from the first season, though thankfully the downs haven’t reached the depths of the first Ai arc. This one was […]

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