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Kobato 09-10-11: Not Dead Yet

A dreaded three headed cute monster has appeared! Doing the dreaded triple review of episodes to catch up. I’ve been really tied up through the holidays and I know there’s even more episodes out and the new stuff is starting to pop up around the interwebs but you’ll have to take it at my pace. […]

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Kobato 06-07: Hide and Seek Super Fun Plot Explosion

This is Kobato looking for the plot, luckily 30 seconds later she found it but not before tripping on it of course! After a long ridiculous week at work (thought technically I still have tomorrow to go) I was pretty happy to come home to Kobato. After the firefly episode my heart has completely melted […]

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Kobato 05: Hope and Fireflies

At this moment I wasn’t sure Kobato could read… After overcoming great technical difficulties (a storm knocked my internet out for THREE DAYS) here I am with the fifth installment of Kobato. This episode was actually really touching and didn’t have any characters from other series popping up  at all. I feel like that made […]

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Kobato 04: From Heaven, With Love

Honestly if it’s a futon it can’t be THAT nice. This post is a bit late but I’ve decided that’s okay since I won Nanowrimo meaning I’ve finished the first draft of my fifth book! I promise from now on to attempt more than one update per week. In the words of Kobato, Mabdese will […]

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Samurai High School (J-Drama): Pretty Much Live Action Anime

One of these things is not like the other~ Something that has always perplexed me is why anime fans don’t watch more Jdramas. I’m sure this could be for any number of reasons but many dramas are based off anime  (Hana Yori Dango, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, GTO, Nana, etc.) and some seriously seem to […]

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Kobato 02-03: Cameos, Umbrellas, and Candy

I love you Iroyogi-san, don’t change. So I’m doing a little catch up since I joined the team mid-season. I really wanted this to be a Samurai High School post but some unfortunate things that made me feel a bit like I had Kobato’s common sense happened and I won’t be able to post it […]

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Kobato 01: In CLAMP I Trust (Kind Of…)

Ever since I became an anime fan I knew that CLAMP was the bandwagon for me. Is it the pointy faces? The impossibly wide shoulders? Or is it the strange undercurrent of bisexuality in all of their works? I may never know, but one thing I do know is that CLAMP is a team of […]

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Introducing: Mabdese, 23, Libra. Loves long walks on beach and shoujo.

Welcome to blogging Mabdese! (added by ExecutiveOtaku) Dearest readers, friends, and hangers-on of THAT!  ExecutiveOtaku here, and it is my pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of our blogging team/family/international hikkikomori conspiracy: Mabdese! She has impressed us with the breadth of her interests and experience in the fandom, and we hope you will […]

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