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Why does everything I like have to be like this

The following image is what started this FANBOY/NERD RAEG rant:

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Tears, right now, streaming down my face

Fuck yeah.

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Eve no Jikan 4

Random things I thought worth noting.

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Manga Scanlation – Bungaku Shoujo Chapter 01

Is it wrong that I look forward to making these images the most when I’m scanlating? Chapter 1 of one of the manga series (the other being “Bungaku Shoujo to Oishii Recipe” in Beans Ace) based on the light novel I reviewed here. The manga is drawn by Kousaka Rito, and serialised in the bi-monthly […]

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Light Novel Review: Bungaku Shoujo series (文学少女シリーズ)

Bungaku Shoujo is a not-particularly-light novel series, written by Nomura Mizuki about a once-a-trap and his book-eating Youkai-sempai. The series is complete, with 8 books having been published in Japanese, and 5 having been published in Chinese. You’d expect an English review to be about something in English, BUT YOU’D BE WRONG.

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CLANNAD ~After Story~ Episode 03: Small Note – Horiguchi and Lucky Star

While everyone went “OMG MEI IS SO MOE I’M BORKED ONIII~CHAAAAAAAA~N”, I watched the episode and thought everyone over-reacted. I only fapped three times! She’s not that moe. I thought more note-worthy was how much parts of this episode looked like Lucky Star.

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I'd rather watch it without subtitles (not a sub vs dub post!)

Really, it’s not. It’s a sub vs raw post. “But you can’t- they’re not- You, sir, are a retard.” Ok, the two aren’t substitutable or even comparable, by the standard of any anime fan who’s not fluent in Japanese. My Japanese is only at a level where I can understand 83% of any written passage […]

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Cultural Impact

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Light Novel Review: ToraDora Spin-off! The Cherry-colour Tornado of Happiness

I wonder how many people will read this post, let alone reply to it. This post is about the 6th ToraDora book published, and its stories take place between the end of the mid-semester exams and summer vacation. If you’re still here, it means you’ve either read the book or wants to know a little […]

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ARIA☆Wahaー2 – Non-H ARIA doujin by Churuya author

I was planning on writing a semi-big rant here about how hard translating and type-setting is, about how much my Japanese improved through scanlating this etc. etc., but now I don’t feel like it anymore. Just have the doujin.

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