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Idiosyncrasies and Eccentricities in Viewing and Reading Habits

Some people have certain rituals or manipulate their environment to create the best experience watching anime. I’m not talking about this at all. I use the same computer for work, play, reading manga, watching anime, and writing blog posts. So the only thing that’s probably peculiar is how interruptable I am. By this I mean […]

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Anime and ALCOHOL: Drinks to Go With the Shows We Watch

The writers in this post are all of drinking age in their respective countries. Recently I watched a show that was so horrible I needed the assistance of both alcohol as well as dozens of twitter contacts and friends to get through the marathon. I immediately realized that there’s something awesome here. Anime can be […]

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My Life in Anime & Manga

Let’s get serious for a moment, totally dead serious. Sure anime and manga is just a hobby for some of us, but for me it’s a life-long love affair. I’m 33 years old and though that’s still quite young (don’t mess with me here), I’ve gone through quite a bit (career, marriage, child). I’ve started […]

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When Best Friends Fight and Look Hot While Doing So: Black Rock Shooter Finally Arrives

I’ve come across many headlines about Black Rock Shooter seemingly for such a long time now, but I never read anything for myself. I watched the OVA just moments before writing this and I thought I needed someone who can share the context of why BRS is so highly anticipated. So I asked one of […]

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On What it Means to Call Anime Characters One’s Favorites

We have favorite shows, and we also have favorite characters. Sometimes our favorite characters aren’t even on our favorite shows (if we look at our top 5 lists). Here I will look at our habits of favoring anime characters and speculate a little on why we do it the way we do. In any case […]

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The Dogs of Conflict: Who’s the Over/Under? or, Giant Killing is Best Done Between Giants

For the purpose of this discussion I posit that the ‘cult of the underdog’ in contemporary culture is best represented by the David vs. Goliath story. In Biblical Israel, their Philistine enemies were trouncing them in battle due to their super soldier, a literal giant named Goliath. The battle ended with David, then a 12-year […]

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How to Quickly Establish Yourself as an Editorial Anime Blogger

Introduction, by Impz: The needs and attraction of an editorial blog is quite different from the typical episodic blog. It is not about speed or quantity, but it really the quality that oozes when you write. ghostlightning, our guest blogger, did rise above the many anime blogs that remain obscure, and now has a decent […]

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You Can (Not) Run Away (from Evangelion)

This post will have at least one major spoiler for Evangelion and at least one major spoiler for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Big ones. Also, this is not a review. Hello, I’m one of the new writers here on THAT, and my name is ghostlightning. I’ve been lurking and commenting here since around Spring of […]

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