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T.H.A.T Winter 2010 Anime Preview: Extra Belated Edition!

Welcome to another edition of our seasonal anime preview. A bit later than we normally put it out, but hey, at least this way most of the shows have trailers to link to. A Message from the NKVD: Well its time once again to point out this is a preview, and not a review. That […]

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Kampfer, Episodes 8-9: I Need A New Keyboard

I know Crusader asked me to post in his absence, and I really wanted to, I did. But every time I sat there and told myself to do the blog post I couldn’t contain the rage, it all just bubbled up the surface like on some MS paint-inspired animated gif. Natsuru’s character type is a […]

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 08 & 09: Drugs Are Bad, Mkay?

Crusader is off doing his duty, so now that I’ve recovered a bit from turkey and shopping here’s two episodes of Railgun coverage. I’ll get to Kampfer soon enough.

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Week 1 Bites

With the rest of the premiers for this season done, here’s some quick thoughts on some shows we didn’t have a chance to do a full work-up on.

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Saki, Episode 25 (END)- With Final Impressions

Well unfortunately it had to end, but it was quite a journey along the way. One can only hope that in a couple of years when the manga has had time to develop the national tournament some non-bankrupt company will be able to rescue it and produce a second season. Cross your fingers.

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First Impressions: Asura Cryin', Episode 14

It took them 14 episodes, but we finally had plot exposition that didn’t make my eyes glaze over and was somewhat understandable. I kind of actually know what is going on, at least for the part they explained. Wohoo.

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The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya V (END?)- And We All Fall Down (In Despair)

Let’s all pray for Disappearance, for Yuki’s sake. Surprisingly enough, the fifth episode of Sighs was actually pretty good, and got us back to the actual story and intrigue that makes this show fun to watch. Too bad we couldn’t have seen this a couple of months ago, but alas that’s a rant for another […]

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T.H.A.T. Fall 2009 Anime Preview

Deadpan lolis, my favorite Welcome to another edition of the T.H.A.T. anime preview! Out of a total of 26 series covered in this preview (I excluded the kiddie shows/educational stuff as usual), the statistical breakdown goes like this (some categories overlap): Sequels: 8 Spin-offs: 3 New Shows: 15 Manga Adaptations: 9 Light Novel Adaptations: 6 […]

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The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya IV- Kyon's Rage (Plus Tsuruya)

After 3 rather uninspiring episodes of Sighs, episode four brings us rage, drunken escapades, near fisticuffs, and of course, a stunning Tsuruya. All good stuff, even if it’s not Disappearance. The inspiration for this post was mostly the Kyon rage.

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Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, Episode 6- Next Please

Well I was somewhat unimpressed with the conclusion to the past arc of sorts. The combat was a bit boring, although it was nice to see Misa doing some herself. But the combat wasn’t particularly interesting, just throwing swords around and making blue ball barriers. Also, large chunks of the fight sequence were lifted from […]

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