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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 2 – The Deconstruction of Modern Tropes

Starting with this one. (Ok this one is a joke, but there’s serious (?) content I promise) Week 2 of the best anime series to hit the airwaves. I’ve seen many people have only a lukewarm reception to the second episode, but CLEARLY they don’t know what they’re talking about. Just like Shinbo in Madoka, […]

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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 2 – When did Mahou Shoujos Become So Dark?

When was the last time a Mahou Shoujo put lines from Faust in it? Where to begin with Madoka 2? A lot happened in this episode, including a lot of character and world development. In my previous post, I focused a lot more on the aesthetics of the show, and more or less dismissed the […]

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 01 – Is This The Best Anime of the Season?

NOT EVEN HAIR CAN STAND UP TO THIS SHOW So you know how there’s this awesome train called Madoka leaving from the station right now? Well you see it’s also traveling on the awesome track right now. And right now on this awesome track, another train is traveling called Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Yes […]

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Mahou Shoujo Shinbo Style

Are you ready? Back in our Winter Preview, I declared my unyielding love for this show: KYAAAAAAA SHINBOU MAGICAL GIRL ANIME. I don’t care that it’s kind of like a learning opportunity for up and coming SHAFT director Yukihiro Miyamoto. Character designs by Ume Aoki (Hidamari Sketch writer) = win. Script by the guy who […]

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Koumajou Densetsu II: Professional Seiyuu on a Doujin Game? Hell Yes.

Eri Kitamura, Satomi Sato, Aya Endo, Rina Sato, Miyuki Sawashiro, Haruka Tomatsu. Yes, these are all top notch Seiyuu. Yes, they are ALL in Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem. How did the creators of the game, Frontier Aja, manage to get all of them on board? We’ll never really know. All that matters is that […]

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Star Driver: Separation Complex

Two people, separated. Maybe. I find it rather incredible just how the people in Star Driver can keep their cool in class. After all, they’re living in a world with freaking giant robots sitting right underneath them. It’s completely different from other mecha shows in that the “mecha” is not the norm. Whereas in Gundam, […]

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Ore no Imouto 8 – A Not-So-Angry Rant

ANGER! About OreImo 8. This episode, like all the others, is average at best in terms of entertainment value. Unfortunately it seems to have gotten quite a bit more flak from the aniblogosphere than the other episodes because nothing that happens is realistic. But you know, I’m actually surprised at how effective OreImo is as […]

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A Very, Very Late Look at Some of C78’s Music Pickings – Part 1 Out of Who Knows…

If I actually listened to everything from C78, this would be my position for… a very long time. Let me say that I’m a BIG Doujin music fan. I can’t say I’m more than that, because I certainly don’t prioritize that above anything else, but listening to Doujin music is definitely pretty high on my […]

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Sengoku Basara 2 – Where’s the TRUE GAR?

What I expected. Sorry for being absent lately, I’ve been busy with various things (like university! Oh boy. Buying time management skills plz.), but I’m still here. I’m pretty far behind on a lot of animes, but one that I caught up on and finished recently (read: one two three four weeks ago and I […]

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T.H.A.T. Fall 2010 Anime Preview

Seasonally appropriate. Well it’s that time of year again. Four times a year the writers of THAT come together and write a post where everyone gets involved. It’s our pleasure to present to you THAT’s Fall 2010 Season Anime Preview! The information this time comes from, you guessed it, ANN, MAL, and/or Wikipedia. Additional information […]

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