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What Makes a Good Title: Flow and Euphony in Entertainment Media

Generally, I prefer translated titles. It’s not always the case, but English titles are usually easier to remember. So, naturally, before I watched Zetsuen no Tempest, I asked The Twitter what the translation for that was. The response I got was ugly. I don’t mean as in they were mean to me, but the actual […]

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Why Hyouka Sucks (But I’m Watching It Anyway)

Hyouka is a great many things – it is pretty, it is pretentious, it is trying very hard to be Haruhi 2.0. But I would not ever say that it is interesting. What else can you expect when the lead character’s primary motivation is a… very strict interpretation of the law of conservation of energy? […]

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In Which I Discuss Various Musics, and Arrange Them by Their Virtue

2011 has been a pretty stand up year for anime, all told (despite what the declinists would have you believe). Especially as far as soundtracks go there was quite the selection, and while I couldn’t possibly listen to everything, I did listen to some of it. A lot. These are those soundtracks.

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Guilty Crown One-Sided Fanservice

Some people have complained that Guilty Crown failed to live up to their expectations. Well that’s their fault for having any to begin with, right? Okay, so the plot and characters are anywhere from laughable to generic, but it’s pretty, at least. Though there is something that just seems a little… off about it, so […]

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A Left-Handed Discourse; A Sinister Discussion

No.6 is an interesting enough show. It’s got some pretty good animation, a nice setting, all that jazz. But I can’t help but feel distanced from everything somehow; there’s just something… off about the main characters to me. Now, I don’t want any of ya’ll to think I’m a hater or anything – I completely […]

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Chrono’s Yaoi Picks

Reading my earlier post about Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, you might notice I have more than a few problems with yaoi in general. But as I said there, I do love it so, and read it near constantly; it’s just I only look for the good stuff anymore. Granted, what I consider ‘good’ apparently is pretty far […]

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Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi – What’s Love Got to Do with It

I should start this off by saying I really, really do enjoy yaoi. It gives me something that is very difficult to find anywhere else, and I love it for that. But. That love is not unconditional. Like any genre, there are less than savory aspects that I would rather ignore. Of course it’s the […]

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Chrono’s Spring Impressions

Spring is here, and with it a new season of anime. I very likely will not blog any of these series, but I thought I could share some of my thoughts. Insert standard “These are my opinions” disclaimer here. Ignore as necessary. This covers only what I have watched so far (duh). There may or […]

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Wandering Son Ep 2 – A Butterfly and a Hurricane

Wandering Son has a very interesting sort of pace. It spends most of its time in the “present” of the narrative, but so much of that present relies on the past that it can’t help but hint at it. So even as we move closer toward the future (that is to say, the ending) we […]

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Carry on My Wandering Son

Not everyone will like Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko). It’s a certain combination of melodrama, slice-of-life, and Special Issues, which all come together in a very sincere, if “fluffy” package. This is a character study – not a parade of moe-moe indulgences, nor a slap-stick laugh-fest. It is slow, and it is gentle, with “tinkly” piano […]

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