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Animehouse-Five: A Duty-Dance with Remembrance

This is a post somewhat in the nostalgic schizophrenic manner of a Twelve Days of Anime post, which while not quite where the flying saucers are from is alien enough to me. Due to (my) laziness it is compacted into one post. (Also there aren’t twelve. Whatever.) Herein I list my favorite moments in anime […]

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Star Driver Ep 2 — Through Glass

Sorry for the lateness, but . . . And so we have the second episode of Star Driver, which manages to raise questions even faster than it answers them. Nameless over at Borderline Hikikomori has a very thorough and interesting writeup on this episode, which you probably should read before this post. But before I […]

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Star Driver Ep 1 — More Than Fabulous

Ladies and gentlemen, our protagonist. While others go on about how fabulous and campy Star Driver is, I’d rather just note that the show takes itself much less seriously than the characters and leave it at that. But if you can get past the goofy costumes, the homoerotic posturing, and the gratuitous/mangled spouting of French, […]

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Uraboku: A Mildly Sarcastic Retrospective

The main “couple.” So Uraboku has ended without resolving much of anything. The Average Anime Viewer might see this as an insult or a cop out, depending on his optimism (because the average is always male, don’t you know). But are any of us really, truly surprised? This show was made to appeal to a […]

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Nurarihyon no Mago — RAPING THE CANON

Careful you don’t get drawn into his. . . um. . . What was I saying? So, subtlety. I am a fan of it. I do not like it when the story waves a flashing neon sign that says “PLOT!” in a great big typeface (and probably in comic sans, too) at me. It’s insulting. […]

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Uraboku 14 — Have Some Subtext, Won’t You? A Parody in Two Parts

Presenting, for your enjoyment and consideration, a Chronolynx production: Uraboku 14—Between the Lines. Starring the cast of Uraboku as: themselves. In which the subtext becomes text, and the author vents his frustrations.

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A Different Kind of Porn, a Different Kind of Wank

So I was watching Nurarihyon no Mago the other day, and I noticed two things: I liked the music, and I liked the backgrounds. I can’t really comment on the content of the show (I don’t yet have an opinion either way), but watching it did make me think back to a division of anime […]

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Wherein I Combat an Assumption

This is totally relevant, I swear. One of the first things you learn in editorial school is to check your assumptions at the door: we can do without them, thank you very much. They don’t quite tell you how, though, and it turns out they like to pop up where you least expect it. In […]

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Originality and Anime

And we have liftoff. Way back when info about Angel Beats first started to trickle down the pipe, people drew immediate comparisons to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Those turned out to mostly be premature, yet even now some still complain about how it rips off other shows. I generally compare it to Haibane Renmei, […]

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