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Hyouka 05: Nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact

Obvious – if you happen to be proficient in both Japanese and English. I don’t even think the original Sherlock Holmes could have seen through that one.

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Hyouka 04: Can’t make bricks without clay

Oh Hyouka, why you so Sherlock.

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Hyouka 03: You see, but you do not observe

Of course, if I was seeing the world through technicolour lenses, I’d be having too much fun to bother with this “observing” stuff. It’s like being high and getting the associated sensory processing disorders, but without actually being high! (゚∀゚)

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Hyouka 02: It’s elementary, my dear Chitanda

Oh God, yes. Also, spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want the mystery ruined, go watch the episode first.

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Acchi Kocchi 04: “Oblivious.”

The scrolling lines of text at the bottom of the screen is the only thing that keeps me from staring into those eyes Those blue, blue eyes…

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Acchi Kocchi 03: “Ah… ahh… ahhhn~”

You know something is 100% real kawaii no desu desu moe when a easily misinterpreted line like that bypasses the crown jewels and goes straight to the heart.

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JohnnyYandere’s Spring 2012 Sasagaki

Impressions! Once again I shall rank my picks based on entertainment value: 1) Rather-crawl-through-a-mile-of-barbed-wire 2) As-absorbing-as-the-average-screensaver 3) Would-distract-me-from-Youtube 4) Possibly-critically-acclaimed-but-not-my-cup-of-tea 5) New-episode-puts-smile-on-my-face 6) Refreshing-all-day-every-day-platinum-hype Generally, 1) & 2) are anime that I’ve dropped, 3) is anime I’d watch if I had nothing else, and 5) & 6) should be obvious. You might notice the new […]

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Acchi Kocchi 02: “You’re to be feared, Io-san.”

Dat Otonashi Io. I didn’t think I’d see the day a male character from a non-Yaoi series could mess with my feels so, but Io comes real close, the charming bastard.

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Acchi Kocchi 01: “Guess there’s no helping it.”

SURPRISE BITCHES You didn’t think I was going to cover this show, now did you? >:3

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Mirai Nikki 26 [END]: “You’re so stupid, Yukkii.”

To heck with Titanic, this here’s the TRUE greatest love story ever told. (Also note that this being the last episode, Asread has tried to cram resolutions for almost every single character/plot thread, so this post has a total of 72 screencaps. So it is much longer than my already excessively long usual posts. Don’t […]

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