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Tank Tactics pt. 3: A day at the Races

Welp. Girls und Panzer certainly one-upped themselves with this fight. They’ve managed to do a lot of things right, and even though they have several parts rather wrong, it’s still a great and entertaining effort. Unfortunately, the deciding moment is pretty much a clone of Ooarai’s match with Saunders. What’s special about this match is […]

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Tank Primer pt. 4: For Pravda! For the Motherland!

This installment of the tank primer series covers the Russian team, which fields a total of 15 tanks! My happiness with this team’s makeup and tactics is only surpassed by my love for the fact that they sang Katyusha in Russian. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go put it on loop while […]

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Tank Tactics the 2nd: America Strikes Back

In which I go over the use of informational warfare in the Ooarai vs. Saunders match. That drone could have decided that match. And in a way, it did. The match starts off with the M3 Lee scouting in a forest in what seems to be the right flank. They see a group of enemy […]

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Girls und Panzer Tank Primer pt. 3: Saunders team

In part 3 of this primer series, we take a look at the all Sherman team fielded by the “American” school Saunders. The M4 (Fun fact: The Americans originally only gave the tank its number designation. It was the British who, in thinking it would be confusing without one, dubbed the American tanks with names) […]

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Girls und Panzer Tank Primer pt 2: the St. Glorianna team

In this second part of my tank primer series, we cover the St. Glorianna team, which fields a Churchill and 4 Matilda mk. II’s. Starting with the team’s lead tank, the Churchill Mk IV. The Churchill is an infantry support tank, originally designed with WWI specifications in mind. Even though the IV is slightly improved […]

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A closer look at Tank Tactics in Girls und Panzer: St. Glorianna vs. Ooarai

           Hello and welcome to the second of two series of posts I plan to be doing on the show “Girls und Panzer”, this one will take a closer look at the tank battles in the show and how I felt they handled them tactically. This first post will be a […]

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Early War Armor: a primer on Tanks in the view of “Girls Und Panzer” pt. 1

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the start to a series of posts (to be put up somewhere) on the tanks and battle tactics shown in the series of “Girls und panzer”. This will be done with two different series each split into several parts, these primer posts focusing on the tank […]

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