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Crazy YIM Chats: Lolis, Guns and Thigh Highs.

Just a random YIM chat that me and Crusader had about the current anime season… Read the full text after the break. metrololiconextrange: DOOD Crusader: what metrololiconextrange: CANAAN Crusader: Canaan is the shit metrololiconextrange: thats wat Crusader: damn right fucker Crusader: shit was so cash metrololiconextrange: Fuck, I’ll ninja your posts metrololiconextrange: and do Parallel […]

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RideBack 02 – "Tamayo is the Top!? ~Spread Legs Form~"

Our blond bombshell, Tamayo, is so pissed with the skills of Rin with a RideBack that she challenges her to a cat fight/RideBack race out of pure jealousy. Who will win, Japan champion Tamayo or our newbie Rin? Who cares, it’s hawt girls in leather suits; it’s a win-win situation. …It’s so hard to resist […]

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Maria+Holic OP: SHAFT fapping Goodness (in HD)

Must resist….urge to Photoshop….words out… Some OP’s are so good that makes you watch it over and over again. That happened several times with me with OP’s from anime such as Shikabane Hime, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, xxxHOLiC or Kurenai, just to name a few. But Maria+Holic is godly. I can’t describe is […]

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RideBack 01 – "Scarlet RideBack"

There are several examples of works of fiction that predict with an eerie accuracy what kind of technological advances the world will see in the future. A good example is the several books written by Jules Verne, on which he described submarines, helicopters, cars, the television and even the Internet, which is amazing considering he […]

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The Girl on The Train: How Life Imitates Fiction

I looked at my watch and eagerly awaited for the time my train was supposed to arrive. After leaving from my part-time job as well as listing files in front of my computer for seven hours, I was thinking only about the magazine in my hands and the Boom Boom Satellites CD I was listening […]

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Opening Vids List – Summer 2008

THAT is back with another season Op’s post, but this time things are a bit different. To allow all the team to comment on the posts, we’ve dropped the rankings and we are checking each opening individually (this also avoids the issues of internal competition inside THAT. I was constantly spammed to rank the Code […]

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Flash Animation – There She Is!! Step 3 "Doki & Nabi"

SamBakZa, the group of Korean artists responsible for the famous Flash animation series “There She Is!!”(about the relationship of Doki the bunny with Nabi the cat) has released the 3rd installment, “Doki & Nabi” in last May. Now that this group is being funded, their releases will become faster, with the 4th installment predicted to […]

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Xam’d: Lost Memories ep 4: “Enlightenment”

I’ve really tried to think of a witty phrase without involving Haru’s boobs…..but I can’t. Akiyuki tries to deal with the Hiruko on his arm, even if that means listening to a old lady high on drugs or working to death on the Zanbani. Poor guy, he really has a weakness for blue eyed girls. […]

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Xam’d: Lost Memories ep 3: "The Way to Freedom"

…Where are you looking at? Akiyuki wakes up in Gekkostate, has a giant swelling on his right arm and he’s miles away from home. Besides, he’s ungrateful to our sweet Nakiami! Luckily, Captain Ishu Bekinawa stuns him with her assets and punches him silly, as the mangy dog he is. Oh, there’s also some HFW […]

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Extrange is Interviewed by MellowSPACE

This was mellow_bunny before I’ve trained him. Mellow_Bunny, an old-time friend blogger contacts me on #animeblogger, my usual place in IRC. He wanted to make me an interview for his blog! So I think: ” Hmm, E-Penor glorification of my persona? Should I accept it or not?” Anyway, this is the end result, posted on […]

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