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Jiraiya > Itachi > Orochimaru > Jiraiya?

Long ago in the Naruto manga, we heard of how Orochimaru said that even Itachi was too strong for him. There was an ominous panel which showed a partially decaying forearm complete with Akatsuki ring on the the finger. At that point many fans guessed that Orochimaru wanted to take over Itachi’s body and fought […]

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One Piece Volume 45 "I Can Guess How You're Feeling"

One Piece volume 45 was just released in Japan last week! Awesome cover once again showing all the major players in this chapter with the match-ups being displayed around Luffy. A lot of people expected to see the Thousand Sunny on the cover in the background and so did i but Oda must have decided […]

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Ranking the Espada

Let’s have an exercise in futility: ranking the Espada. There have been many number theories and mathematical sequences generated in order to create a logical order to the ranking of the Espada but so far none have been correct. Because I’m bored, let’s talk about what you think the ranking of the Espada might be. […]

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The Pirate Muncher

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The Frozen Throne

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Jaws Returns

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Fishing at the Wrong Spot

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A New Ghostbusters Game?

I’ve always been a great fan of the Ghostbusters series and this piece of news really piqued my interest. It seems to be a more nitty-gritty noir Ghostbusters game using a game engine similar to Gears of War. Whether this is a real demo or just a fake one, it’s been released by European developers […]

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Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles Preview Trailer

Here’s a really short 18 second trailer of Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles which doesn’t actually show much of anything. Although they do kinda spoil Sasuke’s new outfit by a bit.

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My 2 Most Anticipated Games of 2007

For the year of 2007, I have 2 heavily anticipated games, one for the PC and one for the console. For the PC it is the action RPG known as Hellgate: London and for the PS3 console it would have to be Final Fantasy XIII. There are of course quite a few other games that […]

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