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Animes that have ended already

Mirai Nikki 18: “I’ve made my decision.”

The first truly great episode of Mirai Nikki in quite a while. Thumbs up all around.

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EO’s Fighting Ships vol. II – More Favorite OTPs, Successful and Otherwise

In time for the end of Valentine’s Day, I present to you another installment of the ongoing Valentine’s Day shipping series. The follow-up post to one I wrote around two years ago, EO’s Fighting Ships, I present to you seven more ships, successful and otherwise, that have earned themselves a place in my mushy, shipper’s […]

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Crazydave’s Shipping History

  All the shipping you could ever ask for~ [As part of the lead-up to Valentine’s Day shipping fest, I have invited Twitter-friend and shipping bro CrazyDave to write a guest post, one of two guest posts by non-THAT writers for the series. Enjoy! -EO] Hello fellow THAT readers, some of you may be wondering […]

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Mirai Nikki 17: “…this is forever, too.”

Dat doomed IsaacMiria MarcoAi romance ಥ_ಥ

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Mirai Nikki 16: “Whom do you believe, Yukkii…”

Mirai Nikki: Pairing fanservice with drama/nightmare fuel/excessive violence since 2006.

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Mirai Nikki 15: “Yukkii will love me again if I kill you!”

Because the way to a man’s heart is through the hearts of many, many other people </3

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Mirai Nikki 14: “Go to hell.”

My heart! If I were there on the spot, I would have embraced Yuno in an attempt to comfort her. An attempt, because that’s all it would be – even emotionally traumatized, I’m sure Yuno is still swift and efficient enough to stab me in the heart before I’d actually touch her. As would be […]

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Mirai Nikki 13: “It was a trap all along.”

Because Yukiteru’s bare skin hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves (´ー`)y-~~

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Mirai Nikki 12: “I will make you happy, Yuno.”

“I love it when a plan comes together.” (Obviously, it doesn’t – but Minene’s supreme confidence is just so endearing. Also I wanted a shoutout to the A-team. So there you go. Shoutout.)

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Gundam 0080: Five Zekes a Choking

It’s Christmas and with that comes a traditional re-watch of Gundam 0080. I think much has been said of how Gundam 0080 is a great OVA series that does deal very well in many aspects about the sadness of war. From Chris turning Bernie in to hamburger and the end of Al’s childhood (and every […]

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