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Animes that have ended already

Mirai Nikki 11: “知るかああああぁぁっ!!!”

Oh Minene, I love you, but I can’t stop myself from giggling at your pain <3

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Mirai Nikki 10: “What the hell is this?”

I was so disappointed when I realized I had misinterpreted that statement.

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Gundam Unicorn – 04: Bright Noa Strikes Back

Yes this post is late but to be honest Skyrim ate up my life and after nine years of no playoffs my 49ers are finally turning things around unlike Zeon. I’ll forego the usual angry rant since Zeon Remnants did behave particularly dumb when Full Frontal played them like suckers. In fact I was laughing […]

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Mirai Nikki 09: “I just told a lie I can never take back.”

And we all know what happens to filthy liars, don’t we, Yuno-chan? Swift, bladed justice. But not this episode, (un)fortunately.

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Mirai Nikki 08: “I get the feeling that Yuno is really pissed.”

I realize that Yuno tolerates a crapload of nonsense, most of it originating from Yukiteru – but this is the first episode in which I actually wish she’d slit his throat and just move on ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) (Which led to an epiphany on her possible game plan, but we’ll get to that later.)

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Mirai Nikki 07: “There’s something wrong with this tomato’s weight.”

‘Nuff said.

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Mirai Nikki 06: “Mother, huh.”

Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Why, it’s Yuno-chan! (Breaking and entering is so 1980s. Just like knock-knock jokes.)

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Mirai Nikki 05: “I choose you, Yuno.”

One small step for Yukiteru, one giant spacetime-distorting leap for yandere girlfriends everywhere~

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Mirai Nikki 05 (Despair Edition): “I despise the Unseen World.”

I want to rip the cultists apart. I want heated metal rods inserted into their rectums and driven straight out of their chests. I want to go medieval on these bastards. I want them dead in the worst possible ways, and I want their suffering to be prolonged, with vials of ammonium carbonate, tourniquets, defibrillators […]

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Mirai Nikki 04: Faaaabulous!

Aww, you just had to say it with that smile on your face. Am I the only one who thinks that if it weren’t for Yuno’s obsession with Yukiteru, she and Minene would make an awesome yandere yuri couple?

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