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Usagi Drop Roundup: The Viewers Speak Up!

It’s no secret that we here at T.H.A.T. love Usagi Drop as Mystlord had just put out a post that highlights of all things, how the show takes on the issue of identity, of gender, and contemporary social mores. Here we round up not only other members of this blog, but other viewers from within […]

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2010 Honor Roll

Unlike that honor these do not require a beheading… With the passing of 2010 we thought that it was time to recognize those who showed individual competence during the course of the year. While it is the habit of many to judge series here we prefer to recognize the characters that made their shows a […]

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The older we are, the more embarrassed we become of our interests (anime/games/etc)

We only played this at home. Since it’s quite embarrassing telling the whole world your love for anime (and games too). I am not sure if this is prevalent among anime fans, but don’t you realize the older you are, you tend to be more secretive over your interests. I talked to Reverse Vampire about […]

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 02: Stepmom-senpai

To make the template easier to follow, this time our collaboration has been formatted as a chat.

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Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou 01: Return of the Bishie and his Cat

Omisyth: black lelangir: blue ←[109] First thing I noticed was that the OP got kind of a generic pop sound to it. Yeah, I wasn’t fond of it, but the lyrics were significant. It’s very similar to the OP change in Marimite – there’s a line that says something like “embrace the fact that you […]

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Preemptive ABA 2009 Nominations

Black is lelangir. ←[107] see lolikit’s here. Blue is lolikitsune. “Ne, lelangir-san, lelangir-san~!” “Nani, eruke?” “For the awards, do you nominate your favorites or the ‘objective’ best?” “wut” Here, lolikit and lelangir take a look around the ‘sphere and discuss whom they would nominate for what if the Anime Blog Awards were to take place […]

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 01: Drama in Your in Drama

Crusader: black text lelangir: blue text ←[105] Note: In an effort to remedy the current lack of team work I hope you all don’t mind me conscripting Comrade lelangir for this one, I normally have trouble blogging about non mecha shows and this time it was easier since lelangir is a rabid marimite fan. I […]

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A Christmas Dialogue Round 1

←[104] This was a round-robin by lelangir, Lbrevis, ghostlightning and usagijen. In it, we start by discussing Christmas (we started a while ago heh…) and how it’s turned into such a commercial enterprise. We use Kannagi and Lucky Star as vehicles for our discussion. This round robin took place in the form of a chain […]

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