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That Battle Royale – Month of July

Due to plain laziness to run the data, I only ran it during this month and it’s amusing that it is already three months since our last post like this. As usual, we have the battle royale for July, showing you the authors who are doing well, and those lazy punks that need to work […]

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THAT animeblog Version 3.0

Yeah, you read it right. THREE-POINT-OHHHHH! Lols. So Impz (despite numerous threats about me disappearing in 2 months due to laziness or alien kidnappings) has allowed me to run rampant all over the site. That’s half the reason I wanted to write here (the other half being our fantastic readers…duh!). To make things short, part […]

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ONE-Shot War: An Explanation

Welcome to the wall of text. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll have my banners down nice and neat by the time April rolls around. Anywho, on to business… The second on my list of (two) features I have planned for THAT, is the ONE-Shot War. I originally had this planned to be a somewhat different feature, but […]

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Friday Ramble: Give me feedback!

Since April just won’t come fast enough, I’ve decided to start my own feature or two here so that I have something to blog until the new season rolls around. I also figured that I’d need something to fill the gaps in April while I wait for all the shows I’m interested in to come […]

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