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Sai Mecha: Bracketology Contest

Promo video courtesy of Tronulax from Anime New Modality. Zeta/Mk II got mixed up but the video’s awesome. -EO As part of ExecutiveOtaku’s contract with THAT I am obligated to provide some commentary on the Sai Mecha Tournament. Granted it’s a really small tournament and maybe one day it will grow into something more, but […]

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Answer the call! T.H.A.T. is looking for new writers!

Applications are now CLOSED. Thank you and we will get back to you soon! Friends and readers, we are currently seeking new writers for the blog. After speaking to my superior (non-commissioned) officer and obtaining the imperial seal of approval from His Royal Trappiness, I have been authorized to open up the application process for […]

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Remembering 2009 Part II: Lovers and Fighters

Well my situation isn’t so dire but I need to get some stuff done by the end of the week… I really must apologize for the horrid lateness of this post but I wanted to get out anyway since it would have slighted EO since he contributed so much to it. My situation has changed […]

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Welcome to THAT’s New Home!

No, it’s not an immense floating space fortress with gilded walls, but it will do. Welcome readers and friends to THAT’s new site! We’re happy to bring you our content on our own domain with better loading times and fewer technical issues. It’s been a long and difficult process moving over all of our content […]

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2009 Honor Roll Part I: The Strategists, The Ruthless, and The Heroes

Unlike that honor these do not require a beheading… With the passing of 2009 we thought that it was time to recognize those who showed individual competence during the course of the year. While it is the habit of many to judge series here we prefer to recognize the characters that made their shows a […]

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Happy Birthday, Shnooky Wooky Pookams!

Yunoki Azuma. The best anime character personality that resembles Impz’s the most in my opinion. Yes, believe it or not, THAT trap has left stage 25 of his life to stage 26. Heck, I can’t believe it either. He still acts the evil brat towards me. And yes, Impz is evil, pure evil! May lightning […]

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T.H.A.T two-year evaluation form – Yay for second year anniversary!

I demand my birthday cake now~ Two what? Obviously, it is now two years since the establishment of T.H.A.T. Two years ago, four random friends on the Internet decided to set up an anime blog. None of us probably expected this tiny little anime blog to go anywhere, since the Internet is notorious for kicking […]

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Journey from the Fall: Final Thoughts

It’s not about the end but rather how you got there. So after finishing a rather grueling lab I decided to rent some movies about 3-D folk and wound up watching something that I had been meaning for some time to see but with that rolling release it never came to my end of the […]

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MGS4 Signing San Francisco, I got me a signed copy take that Kokanaden!

This day I shall forever burn into my mind. I wish you were there RIUVA…but I guess that Island Paradise was worth it, yes? So it was a glorious day for me on June 14, 2008 the day I shook hands with the God of Metal Gear, Lord Hideo Kojima. The minders would not let […]

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Convention Report: Kublacon (or what I ended up doing instead of Fanime)

So it’s been a week or so after I went to my gaming convention (Kublacon) in lieu of Fanime. Just goes to show that while I love anime my soul belongs military history and war gaming. While the event was roughly a week ago I just handed in a 5 page paper last week and […]

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