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Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname!

The Fight between the best of the best! And I would like to thank Impz for the picture. In case you find things rather boring lately, I’ve been thinking for a while to do this. Originally the vote of President in Cross Academy, now it’s the Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname! (Now that […]

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Riex brings the WTF!

THAT Wallpaper of the week: Everylittle thing by Xyric. Thoughts: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. This is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen. But it’s still fscking awesome. If I was one of the Pokemon in the wallpaper above, which would I be and why? Rating: 8/10 Pokemon + Gay Expressions + Rainbows = WIN…points off for the background […]

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