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Why All Anime Bloggers are instant fail and T.H.A.T is instant win

I-It’s not beca..use I a-am jealous and l-I…-love you all, you know! In a world where we bloggers all love to think of ourselves as the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be, there can only be a winner. Here’s how I objectively prove that everyone else other than […]

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The most erotic phone conversation ever between an anime blogger and his wife

13Sugars: there’s gonna be tons of events.. my phone. my phone Impz: just get an old phone? Impz: : and how come your new phone doesn’t work again Impz: : u can’t charge it? Impz: : sometimes, it’s the battery connector for the phone 13Sugars: : … for some reason the charger plug-in part in […]

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THAT: BS Edition 001

THAT Wall of the Week: The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya by jaoi55 Thoughts: Have we not all been wondering where Haruhi-sama hath vanished to? WTF Kyoto, give me Haruhi or give me death…or at least more Full Metal Panic. You have to admit, this wall is hawt stuff. Makes me think the Haruhi crew is […]

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