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“If I Were To Have That Hairstyle” In Real Life

Hynavian did a great post of this from a girl’s perspective, so I thought I’d complement her post with one from a guy’s perspective. Same rating criteria too. Fashion Sense – My personal grading system for the style; whether its original, stylish or just plain weird. [A scale from 1 to 10 where the higher […]

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On "Character" IV: Lead Paradigm Binary

Like a jigsaw puzzle, the structure of a cast can conform to rigid patterns. In the first post this was made evident with the brains/brawns dynamic shown by Ichigo-Uryuu and Mugen-Jin. In other action shows, however, the brains/brawn duo isn’t a necessity, and a binary will materialize in a different form, like Goku-Vegeta, who make […]

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On "Character" III: Architecture of Signification

Now, to clarify a bit, the first post put forth a model of signification, which in itself is fairly problematic (the details thereof I’ll address below): visual appearance [signifies] personality [signifies] ideology The second post briefly investigated how visual appearance itself is a structure of signs, so thoughts on the more “micro” elements of the […]

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On "Character" II: Syntagm Structures

There’s one problem here with these kind of thematic studies; it’s how we methodology go about aniblogging, go about analyzing. Since some wordpress dashboards can be so fickle, posting embedded youtube videos proves to be quite the hassle at times, and so we’re forced to resort to representing one medium – video – for a […]

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On "Character" I: Closure

←[71] The main distinction to establish here is the difference between aesthetic personality and conscience. Aesthetic personality is shallow. It’s the surface of the person’s outer quality, how they act, not necessarily why; it’s about the “clothing” of their mind, how their actions look. Conscience is deeper. It’s the ideological motivation for a person’s action […]

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Tooryanse – Cultural tidbits

It’s no secret; I love anime. I mean, if I didn’t love it, I damn sure wouldn’t be here, right? But sometimes I need to take a step back and ask myself why I love it so much. More specifically, why is anime so frigging addictive? What is it about Japanese animation, compared to Chinese […]

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[LWC 61] Visual Study in Feminine Finger Positions

↩[LWC 60] Something about this quintessential fingering in anime has somewhat “pestered me”. It’s an extremely common device to indicate femininity, perhaps mindlessly abused? – but, more specifically, to help signify distinct types of femininity that anime is nearly contingent upon. Its nuanced function depends on the character at hand (no pun intended), so its […]

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