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true tears is very tearing @_@

The Song of Noe: A Mock Epic Poem

So this is actually the last post in the Valentine’s Day shipping series, but I didn’t want to post it on Valentine’s Day itself. As anyone who’s watched True Tears knows, it’s a bit of a downer. So I thought I’d save this for the day after the holiday. But now, gather, ye brothers and sisters […]

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Crazydave’s Shipping History

  All the shipping you could ever ask for~ [As part of the lead-up to Valentine’s Day shipping fest, I have invited Twitter-friend and shipping bro CrazyDave to write a guest post, one of two guest posts by non-THAT writers for the series. Enjoy! -EO] Hello fellow THAT readers, some of you may be wondering […]

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EO’s Fighting Ships – Some Favorite OTPs, Successful and Otherwise

Cheering on your OTP. The excitement! The drama! The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! Going between blogs and Twitter exalting one’s favorite couple and denouncing any challengers! To see the fans of thine enemies brought low, or to accept the bitterness of a sunken ship! Truly, there are few thrills like rooting […]

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Idle Musings on 2008: RAGE Edition Plus Shameless Image Dump of Questionable Quality

Well do ya?! Since I have just about finished my finals and am bored out of my mind like how I have always wanted to be since the quarter started I thought it was time to add a bit more to weep over now that 2008 is almost over and 2009 is a few days […]

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Idle Musings on 2008: Memorable Blokes, Lasses, and Moments

A new year is about to start in 26 some odd days…and no Mako-cakes will not be reclaiming his manhood. Well another year has almost past and overall it was pretty good. Much fun was had, many gut busting laughs occurred, and memories both good and bad were made. So here are some poorly laid […]

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On Love: Love Doctrines for the Modern Bishoujo

Getting a boyfriend is tough, but for lovable lasses like Miya here reading this post could help her come up with a winning plan to make Lulu her HUNNI. Ah music to me ears. Well I guess waiting for the professor to compile all the data from every land is now the norm so in […]

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True Tears 13 (END): Decisions must be made, none of them easy…

This is how it ends. Slag. Damn you Hiromi (fires AK-47 angrily into the air)! Okay now that my fury at Noe crying semi-sad tears has largely passed I think I can write a bit more about what happened. Hiromi and Shin are a couple, hooray. I can at least console myself with the fact […]

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True Tears 12: Tears of the Three Views, taste and price that will make you cry tears of joy.

Yes mein Noe, fly I will. Sorry for the lateness of this post I had to run about to a dental appointment and then do tech support for my cousin. Nevertheless my glorious Noe is having a rough time and at times I just had to stop mid way and mull things over. While there […]

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True Tears 11: Going Back to the One You Love

Damn it Shin-chan you could at least pretend to be happy… Noe…our dearest Noe’s heart is now all but broken by the pain of having lost her first love in so short a time. Though there is one more festival yet to take place the thought of having Noe cry sad tears makes me curse […]

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True Tears 10: Doing the Right Thing

Losing in love with dignity. Merry Christmas to Kuro, Stripey, Kabitzin, Ascaloth, and the lot of you HiromixShin-chan supporters you got your end earlier than any one could have anticipated. I was hoping that Santa would be throwing hefty lumps of coal at you guys but you all been very good boys and girls this […]

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