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Vampire Knight Ep 5- Ok, you people out there, you win.

BLOOD! BLOOD! Ok, ok, ok. You guys win, all right? I’ll continue writing VKG till the series is over, since I had almost nothing to write for the Fall Season, especially when some of my favorite series this season has been taken by the other bloggers. I wouldn’t want to stop half-way, ’cause I’ll feel […]

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Vampire Knight Final Episode

Well, never expect the angst to end, eh? Good that Vampire Knight is taking a break till the Fall season comes and I won’t be writing down episode 12, ’cause it’s the same old stuff (And more angst than ever). I want to see modifications in Guilty (For those of you who are unaware, it […]

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Vampire Knight 11-Cross my fingers

Oh yes…the look of a stereotypical killer…so good Zero’s little twin brother arrived in the anime faster than the speed of light all the way back from the stone ages. I mean what I said, and I don’t want Zero to become another rip-off of Beethoven who whimsically had a very depressing life and die […]

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Fight of the Fans! Zero VS Kaname results…

And the winner of the vote is….. Dear Kaname Kuran…. Geez…

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Vampire Knight 7-8: Filling in for Impz is hard…

Yeah it seems that I am the one who got volunteered to do this post, I know you’re all screwed. (show your frustration by spamming this post demanding that Reverse Vampire, or Briar make the next post, I have exhausted all other methods of persuasion, namely waiting and watching) So it seems that the resident […]

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Vampire Knight ep 6 – "The hunter lurks"

What happens when you have to hurt the person you are trying to save? What happens when you have to have the urge of killing your best friend/lover in order to save yourself? What will you do if you are in that position? Zero does not want to turn into a vampire that is driven […]

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Vampire Knight Episode 5

I think Zero would like Yuki’s blood than yours, Kaien. Sorry if this post is a little late because of distractions such as exams, exams, exams…But whatever it is, I’m back. I need more spotlight and ignored by the rest of the Internet world for almost months now. (And I think I’m going to flunk […]

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Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname!

The Fight between the best of the best! And I would like to thank Impz for the picture. In case you find things rather boring lately, I’ve been thinking for a while to do this. Originally the vote of President in Cross Academy, now it’s the Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname! (Now that […]

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Vampire Knight 4 – "The guilt of that bite"

Last week, the transformation was complete. Zero, who has struggled for the last four years of his life in the academy, can no longer resist the sweet scent of blood. He has turned into a beast in human form, one that thirsts for blood. He cannot prevent. It’s within his instincts to bite when the […]

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Vampire Knight Episode 3 – "It's time for an inspection!"

With a decent start, Vampire Knight proves to be an inspired anime as it transfers seamlessly from the manga to anime form. Vampire Knight Episode 2 continues to reveal about Zero’s degradation from a human to a vampire. Nothing is said why he is turning into a vampire, but it is certain that the time […]

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