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Armored Trooper VOTOMS 05-06: Breaking Out, Breaking In

His god perhaps, but Zeus still lives. With Chirico’s capture the Chief of Police takes him to the local priest who is also a corrupt bastard to try and use God to ascertain the nature of Chirico’s mission. I have to had in to them that they are trying to get information out ofChirico using […]

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS 03-04: New Friends, Old Enemies

With the balance of power shifting with the new era of peace it seems the Thieves that stole the bald lady have been using them gold bricks they also nabbed to get high positions in the local police. The Boone family is out hunting escapees so that they can’t finger them in court since their […]

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Armored Trooper Votoms: Peace is Hell

Meet the vile traitors of the series, thank goodness none of them are bishie. So with a little down time due to lack of training M1151s that the Army was willing to let us use I decided to start retroblogging Armored Trooper Votoms after having seen Roots of Ambition and Pailsen Files. I hope to […]

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Heer and Now (2nd Anniversary Plus Some of Slaving Away for Impz) Plus Image Dump

Ah memories… Well about two months ago back in April I should have marked my 2nd blog anniversary but things have not really been normal to say the least. Well I suppose that this post will at least mark the start of my terrible twos in which case quality will plummet as will output (Mwahahahaha). […]

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VOTOMS: Roots of Ambition (Spoilers a plenty)

Soon we will all get acquainted with just how tough Sergeant Major Chirico Cuvie really is… Now that I am pretty much done with college I can finally get to taking care of some unfinished business namely watch the entire VOTOMS series in chronological order, sadly I only have the original series, Pailsen Files, Roots […]

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Two Years On and I Need a Recharge…

I have lots to do… I won’t lie I think I am suffering a bit of this burn out thing after roughly two years of being the tl;dr guy I hope to recharge my batteries soon and get back to business as usual, but it seems the perpetual boredom of military life is going to […]

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