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Maria-sama ga Miteru – 04: The Machinations of Yoshino

Yoshino can hold quite the grudge… Well lelangir was busy this week and seeing as how it’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend I might as well fly solo on this one until next time. The quest for a new soeur for Yumi and Yoshino continues with a tea party that in the end result few […]

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 03: Let the Hunt Begin.

Looks like Yoshino has found some one to pick on… This time, perhaps a general list of key events will provide for a more streamlined, focused discussion. 1. Audition for petite soeur Crusader: Well if you need to find some one quick it’s not like you have time to be picky. Yoshino herself admitted that […]

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 02: Stepmom-senpai

To make the template easier to follow, this time our collaboration has been formatted as a chat.

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Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 – 01: Drama in Your in Drama

Crusader: black text lelangir: blue text ←[105] Note: In an effort to remedy the current lack of team work I hope you all don’t mind me conscripting Comrade lelangir for this one, I normally have trouble blogging about non mecha shows and this time it was easier since lelangir is a rabid marimite fan. I […]

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My favorite yuri series is back! – Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Episode 1

Even though the OVA was out for quite a while, I am surprised that no one did any summary for it, or any fanfare even. Hence, I decided to put up a summary and tons of screenshots for this. Hope that you like it as this is part of my service to Maria-sama ga Miteru, […]

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