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ARIA☆Wahaー2 – Non-H ARIA doujin by Churuya author

I was planning on writing a semi-big rant here about how hard translating and type-setting is, about how much my Japanese improved through scanlating this etc. etc., but now I don’t feel like it anymore. Just have the doujin.

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A first hand look at an "amateur's visual novel" – Hisashiburi's project SVN

I like lolis. Green haired preferably but purple haired lolis are fine too. It is perhaps by sheer chance that I stumbled upon the blog named Hisashiburi. It is definitely a welcome change from most of the common anime blogs that I see all the time. When I mean all the time, it is the […]

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One Year Thanks!

Anyone remember this, specifically the section where I said I’d give away a drawing? Well, no one replied to the e-mails I sent out. In hindsight, titling the e-mail “Congratulations you’ve won the THAT Animeblog anniversary competition! (I swear this is not spam)” probably wasn’t the smartest idea. So, instead of drawing a request, I […]

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Kaleidoscope Manga Illustration Showcase on 27th-28th October 2007

Hi there everyone, it’s been a while! Great news to manga and anime illustration fans! Manga Oasis Cafe will be organising a Manga Illustration Showcase called Kaleidoscope from the 27th-28th October 2007. Local illustrators and doujin groups from Singapore will be showcasing some of their best works in this open gallery in Suntec City @MY.PLAYGr0und […]

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How do you deconstruct an annoying Satoko? T.H.A.T teaches you!

Well, if you want to find out about the deconstruction of Satoko, it will appear at the end of this image heavy entry. For those who did not know, I bought my first figurines (albeit being merely a trading figurine) in my entire life. I simply wanted to deco the place up a little, and […]

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A self portrait of the "beautified and handsomeified" Impz

Well, due to some personal contacts, you might start to see more of such artwork on the blog after talking to MistaYoh and other artists in the doujin circle. It is perhaps a small group of artists (bj0rn is in it too). As their art is pretty interesting, I decided to post it up and […]

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Geass Note

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Ronald's Bizarre Adventure

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What if Charlie Brown became an anime?

These pictures are somewhat old, maybe over a year or so but I thought that some people might still not have seen them so here they are! Some fanartist’s interpretation of how the Charlie Brown comic strip characters would look like if they were in an anime. Whether or not you approve of them, is […]

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Desu Note

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