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An Ode to This Glorious Year of Yuri

The dream that will come true someday (Becomes) a mere unheard whisper That is lost within the light  shone by the night Soon enough, her eyes will open  if it is fate At least  yes, only now… So with this year about to conclude it is worth mentioning what a glorious year of Yuri it […]

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End of Summer Season ’09 – 5 Paragraphs About 5 Series

. With the summer season over and the fall coming up shortly, some reflections on the series this blogger has watched (and in one case, dropped). Done in a short format, your own thoughts and comments on these or other summer series are very much welcome. While two of these series have yet to have […]

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Canaan – 13 (END): THAT Which You Leave Behind… (Concluding Thoughts)

Now the tragic conclusion… So in the end many will have written this off as a “B” Movie but I sincerely think that the symbolism that many others have pointed out still holds true despite the seemingly boring end that we got. To be fair I watched each episode multiple times and watched a few […]

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Canaan – 12: Alphard Express 999

Yun Yun had to do it over 9000 times to get it right… Apologies for being late again, but once again duty calls and I have been called upon to clean up someone else’s mess. So after the conclusion of Liang Qi’s love it seems that Canaan is quite depressed after seeing Hakko throw her […]

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Canaan – 11: Cummings' True Tears

Last time on Canaan Natsume was holding Maria and Yun Yun as SUGOI hostages… Wasting no time at all Alphard onee-sama swings into action to save maria and Yun Yun from Natsume. It seems that Natsume has been furthering the agenda of Area 11 and coordinating the efforts of the Super Powers. Natsume has also […]

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Canaan – 10: Liang Qi the Deceiver

What is Alphard’s word not good enough Santana? After Alphard onee-sama saves Canaan and the gang they go off in search of the Factory. Maria and Yun Yun have some back seat fun with Knocked out Canaan. Upon waking up Canaan is told that Alphard’s pet name for her is despair. Maria voices protest but […]

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Canaan – 09: This is Love

Moe moe~kyuun… I have to say despite the lack of a real deep plot I am loving Canaan as a competent action series with glorious yuri undertones. I really like how they seem to relish in poking fun at Chekhov’s Gun in that they brandish them plenty this time and they use them, but they […]

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Canaan – 08: The Treachery of Maria

No seriously did you try anything while Canaan was passed out, because if you did we want it animated… So this post is a bit late though it seems that they did get land lines in this hot and humid mud hole, so in any case after Alphard trolled the world Canaan and Maria try […]

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Canaan – 07: Liang Qi's True Tears

 Two things are wrong with this picture, one B-2s don’t have rudders, two they fly combat ops at night… This weeks ep was pretty action heavy in the sense that Canaan was mowing down Alphard’s goons. Though artistic license was abused and those goons after killing off all the cops ended up blowing each […]

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Saving Yourself: A Short Guide for the Damsel Who Refuses to be in Distress

While there are many damsels in distress there are few damsels like Alphard. However any lass can become an ojou-sama from a distinguished family that has been continued for a thousand years, skilled in both literary and military arts,  with wit and beauty, the intensity of summer, the grace of autumn, the pride of winter, […]

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