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Durarara!! Episode 7 – If violence had a face…

This episode follows Shizuo and explains a bit of his past and his personality. Despite being a pretty decent episode with a bunch of awesome moments (basically every time Shizuo goes on a rampage), there really isn’t much to talk about in terms of the story. Although, I thought his signature *snap*, *stomp*, *rage* was […]

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Durarara!! Episode 6 – Dollars, yo!

Probably the best scene of the episode. Happy Lunar New Year to you all (and Valentine’s Day but screw that commercial holiday! …I’m not bitter… not at all. >.>). This episode clears up a lot of the mysteries present in the previous episodes. We get a glimpse of who the Dollars are, who the hell […]

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Durarara!! Episode 5 – Monsters, Aliens and Gangs

This week’s narrator is magnificent Kida-kun himself. As Mikado is getting more curious about the Dollars, Kida becomes more and more worried that Mikado will fall to the darkness of the city. Kida also crosses a few punks who claim to be from a colors gang called the Yellow Scarves.

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Durarara!! Episode 4 – Dullalalahan

I’m beginning to think that Durarara!! might be following a specific pattern with these episodes. It seems that they’re alternating between episodes where Mikado is the main focus and episodes where they focus on a different character as well as their background. Episode 2 was focused on a minor character, the girl who was kidnapped […]

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Durarara!! Episode 3 – Showdown in Ikebukuro

An episode where a lot of things happen but nothing really happens at all. I’m feeling quite torn with my impressions of this episode. I was bored with the first half of it with all the minor things that happen that do not seem to have much relevance to anything. But, the second half was […]

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Durarara!! Episode 2 – The world does not end with you.

Episode 2 in a nutshell… sorta.

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Winter Season Mini Review (First Impressions)

Shokkeru here. Back after a long hiatus with a mini review of various shows of the Winter Season. Keep in mind that these are merely my impressions based on the first episodes of these series. Today’s Menu: Baka to Test to Shokanju Dance in the Vampire Bund Durarara!! Ookami Kakushi Seikon no Qwaser

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