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On "Character" II: Syntagm Structures

There’s one problem here with these kind of thematic studies; it’s how we methodology go about aniblogging, go about analyzing. Since some wordpress dashboards can be so fickle, posting embedded youtube videos proves to be quite the hassle at times, and so we’re forced to resort to representing one medium – video – for a […]

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Code Geass Final Thoughts

As promised, here is our final review of Code Geass as a whole. Anything goes here comment wise, and I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of Geass this past 6 months. I know I’ve enjoyed writing about it and engaging in conversations with my readers. I’d like to thank all of you that read my […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 25- Re: (END)

I’ll comfort you C.C. Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally over. It’s been quite the journey and I’m kind of glad it’s over because at times it was exhausting to spend so much time on it each week. Anyways, this post is limited to discussion of the episode itself, not the entire series. I’ll make […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 24- Sky of Damocles

*Shudder* Well, I’m really not sure what I think about this episode, it left me more scratching my head then anything. I think we all got trolled again by Sunrise. So, the final boss was the badass villain because…he’s apathetic? I mean, have you ever heard of the primary villain being a lazy guy who […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 23- Schneizel's Mask

A much better episode than last week, primarily because I was expecting a long emo-fest but that didn’t materialize. Plus we get lots of stuff blowing up, a higher level of animation quality, and the start of the final boss fight. One bad part though, and I’m sure Crusader will have plenty of rage over […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 22- Emperor Lelouch

And across the world, there was a great thump as the world of otaku collectively facepalmed. Well, if last week was a drop into the silly bucket, this week was a rainstorm. At least last week I laughed through most of it. Unfortunately, I spent most of this episode rolling my eyes or finding minor […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 21- The Ragnarok Connection

One for the road Charlie, we loved you. Wow, now I’ve seen some really great trolls on 4chan and the like but I’m not sure anyone has trolled me as much as Sunrise just did. This is seriously epic-level trolling of everyone who watches this show. That being said this episode had so much awesomeness […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 20- Unfit to be Emperor

Lelouch, about your mother, I have something to tell you… This episode left me with many more questions than I have answers once again. While last week was a “shit hits the fan” episode, this week we are back to setting up the next confrontation. The writers manage to reveal some supernatural tidbits along with […]

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Code Geass R2, Episode 19- Betrayal

Now that’s what I’m talking about, he’s coming for you Charlie Crusader’s saving the country this week, so I’m all by my lonesome, but we have plenty to talk about this episode. The inevitable betrayal of the OotBK comes to full fruition along with all of the consequences that surround that, including the death of […]

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We of the Council of Death Judge Ye- Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

Only the good die young Here ye, hear ye, the Council of Death of the glorious nation of Tomino is now in session. Let those who have business before this Council step forward and be heard. Today the Council passes judgment on the characters of Code Geass regarding their worthiness to be standing at the […]

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