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Sora no Woto 7.5: Best Yuri Tea Party of the Year

So while I was rotting out in the desert SnW 7.5 was released so I am quite late to the party, had I seen it when if was first released I might have gone ape shit in the desert since SnW 7.5 was chock full of all kinds of goodness that was absent in the […]

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EO’s End of Winter Season Thoughts and Assorted Awards

This picture needed to be used somewhere. Well now that the season is over and I’ve gotten around to watching the final episodes of everything, some thoughts on the six shows I watched this season. Some I had high expectations for, some low; some met those expectations and some didn’t. It certainly turned out to […]

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Sora no Woto 12 (Final?)- The Return of Rio-hime (plus Near Final Thoughts)

That’s going to hurt… I am quite conflicted about how this all ended on the one hand I felt that it was cop out of sorts, but on the other hand I was on the edge of my seat right up until the initial response to Kanata’s rendition of Amazing Grace. While in a way […]

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Sora no Woto 11 – Not so quiet on the Western Front

Wait for it Price we only got one shot at that bastard Zakhaev… Rio-hime has gone off to try and bring peace, but it seems that negotiations have been over for some time as it must have taken a while for both Helvetia and Rome to mobilize forces to far flung frontiers. Considering that Vingt, […]

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Sora no Woto 10: Rio-hime gets PCS-ed

I am surprised that she reads her father’s letters multiple times before burning them… This week there was much less in the way of comparable experiences I have to give with regards to how they do things aside from how excitable Kureha was when they finally got parts in. With regards to the rest it […]

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Sora no Woto – 09: Reaping a Whirlwind

Man things had to have been bad if they resorted to ersatz-Volksstrum… This post is extremely late but unlike the 1121st my E-6 and O-3 aren’t being good leaders this week and I am the one paying for it. Still Sora no Woto continues to make my day. I had plenty of trouble in botany […]

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Sora no Woto – 08: A Latrine is What You Make of It…

Thank goodness my military abuses acronyms and backronymns… I am sure many people will balk at the idea of having to hold it in as uncommon, but these people have never had to go without a toilet or even a honey pot. You’d be surprised at how attached people can be to the idea that […]

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Sora no Woto 07: Iria’s Drift (With Some Mild Mecha Action)

The crew layout alone suggests plenty about their technological regression. Rather late in the week for this post but nevertheless it was still a good episode even if the dead stirred back to haunt the living. It seems that within the 1121st Felicia at least has some combat experience and was a Vingt Veteran. Even […]

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Sora no Woto – 06: The Beer Barons

Spending that first paycheck well doesn’t happen as often as it should…at least Kanata did not waste it on a first payment for a car she could not afford. Funny how they decided to have a small part on pay problems on the same week I had to help process travel claims. While the 1121st […]

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Sora no Woto 05: Currahee

Dang they got holoscreens on every station, I also like how they placed the commander right be hind the driver. I have to hand it to this series it reminds me of tactics that drill instructors have used on recruits as well as offering some nefarious ideas of their own or simply ones I have […]

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