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Aniblogger Testimony – Dressing down while dressing up… (on Beneath the Tangles)

Hello, something a little different from me today. Recently, a very nice man called Charles asked me about my own experiences of being an anime fan. This lead me to make a guest post on Beneath the Tangles, a wonderful blog that explores the connection between anime and Christian and spiritual themes. So, if you’re interested, […]

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Field Reporting: Tekkoshocon 2010

Tekkoshocon, Pittsburgh’s anime convention, has been going on since 2003 and 7 years later it’s grown to a medium-sized con with about 3,500 attendees. My first time going was in 2004, and over time you can definitely see how it’s grown. Since this is my last year in Pittsburgh before graduating, I figured that I […]

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The non-generic AFA report 1 – Alternative reporting of the festival

Thank god I did not have to queue up for the festival. MEDIA pass is totally awesome. First, I would like to qualify my words by stating that there is absolutely no malice against cosplayers, figurine lovers and anime merchandise lovers. However, I think that there will be enough anime blogs out there ready to […]

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MGS4 Signing San Francisco, I got me a signed copy take that Kokanaden!

This day I shall forever burn into my mind. I wish you were there RIUVA…but I guess that Island Paradise was worth it, yes? So it was a glorious day for me on June 14, 2008 the day I shook hands with the God of Metal Gear, Lord Hideo Kojima. The minders would not let […]

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EOY cosplay video: The FF: Advent Children Pizza Video and other short videos

The video is cut off slightly due to the fact that Impzie’s stupid camera (more accurately, his memory card) went dead on him and hence refused to let him take any more videos that is longer. Still, cheers and this is perhaps one of the craziest presentations in the EOY ’06! Two more videos after […]

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Cosplay @ Expo – "Cosplayers and merchandise galore Impzie's version~"

All right, Joo has done the honors with her immensely picture intensive entry on the EOY 2006. Other than the rather bad management (NOR, shouldn’t you help them with your event management skills?), the whole event has tons of good cosplayers. Honestly, even with the non-existent order, the cosplay standards are really improving, since the […]

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Naruto Cosplayers @ EOY 2006

Since Jooo has done a general overview of the cosplayers in the STAC Resolution event, I’m just going to focus on the people who cosplayed on the Naruto theme. 56k be warned!

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STAC Resolution@Expo'06 (Cosplay)

Its the cosplaying/anime fair held at the expo today. The quadders consisting of me, impzus, alkanphel and invis trooped down with cameras and all sorts and found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly surprised at the standard of cosplaying and the amount of characters turn out. We weren’t expecting a lot so you could say it was […]

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