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Musings of a Zentradi Invader: My Time Among the Middle East Miclones

Every Generation needs a few good Zentrans, this generation got stuck with the likes of me… So I finally made it back home with most of my person intact save perhaps some of my sanity but I doubt anyone would notice a slightly larger spike in my insanity. I was reminded of how two very […]

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aniblog tourney!!!!, or, give me new blogs!

5camp put together an aniblog tournament. I think THAT is in it again. People have already talked

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Field Reporting: Tekkoshocon 2010

Tekkoshocon, Pittsburgh’s anime convention, has been going on since 2003 and 7 years later it’s grown to a medium-sized con with about 3,500 attendees. My first time going was in 2004, and over time you can definitely see how it’s grown. Since this is my last year in Pittsburgh before graduating, I figured that I […]

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Field Reporting: University of Pittsburgh Japanese Animation Club (PJAC)

A lot of fans, at one point or another, have gone to their school’s anime club, even if only once or twice. As a social institution it brings together fans to meet, be exposed to different anime, and to share ideas, or less loftily, simply to get together with friends and fellow fans, watch anime, […]

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