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Your Completely Biased Sai Mecha Elite Eight Voting Guide and Image Dump

Make a contract with me and become a true follower of the mecha Way. -or- The Declaration of Team Real Robot. So I’ve set up and have been running Sai Mecha, the Super Dimensional Robot Tournament, for a bit now and we’ve arrived at the Elite Eight portion of the tournament. Up until now I’ve […]

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Design a Macross Patch Competition

Crusader has a proposition for you. Much like the Crusaders of old, our blogger is engaging in some commerce while fighting in distant lands. He can get custom patches made in his current location, and here’s where you come in. Design an approximately 4 inch/10.16cm diameter Macross patch and submit your design to us. The […]

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Macross Plus episode 04 – Reentry

The final episode of Macross Plus is all about returning. Returning to Earth and the original SDF Macross capital ship. Returning to the truth of old memories. Returning to feelings thought long gone. Even returning, in a less explicit way, to the manned fighter with the duel between the Project Supernova prototypes and the unmanned […]

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Macross Plus episode 03 – Artificial Life

Apparently what put Isamu and Guld’s fight out on the test range to such an abrupt end was the presence of live rounds in Isamu’s gunpod that went off when the YF-19 was hit by its own weapon. Isamu survives and wakes up two days later in a vat of some sort of medical liquid […]

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Macross Plus episode 02 – Competition

There are some unsettling things afoot this episode as the characters’ proximity to each other bring out their old feelings. What’s more, we start to get a glimpse of the AI singer known as Sharon Apple and ‘her’ existence and connection to Myung. The VF-X competitions continue onwards with Isamu’s first flight in the YF-19, […]

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Macross Plus episode 01 – The Right Stuff

“Dedicated to all pioneers” reads the opening line to this Macross sidestory, and you can tell just from those words that this is a work with feeling behind it. Five years before 7th Colonization Fleet came under attack from a new enemy, the U.N. has begun testing on the next generation of Valkyrie variable fighter […]

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