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Gundam 0080: Five Zekes a Choking

It’s Christmas and with that comes a traditional re-watch of Gundam 0080. I think much has been said of how Gundam 0080 is a great OVA series that does deal very well in many aspects about the sadness of war. From Chris turning Bernie in to hamburger and the end of Al’s childhood (and every […]

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Gundam Unicorn – 04: Bright Noa Strikes Back

Yes this post is late but to be honest Skyrim ate up my life and after nine years of no playoffs my 49ers are finally turning things around unlike Zeon. I’ll forego the usual angry rant since Zeon Remnants did behave particularly dumb when Full Frontal played them like suckers. In fact I was laughing […]

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Gundam Unicorn – 03: Taranto Redux

The Federation Taranto-ing the Zeke Fleet, Marida is who you thought she was, someone other than Full Frontal is a lolicon, and Micott is not the most busted girl in Unicorn? This post is spectacularly late because Action Dirk is a better action hero and I am back on duty.

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Your Completely Biased Sai Mecha Elite Eight Voting Guide and Image Dump

Make a contract with me and become a true follower of the mecha Way. -or- The Declaration of Team Real Robot. So I’ve set up and have been running Sai Mecha, the Super Dimensional Robot Tournament, for a bit now and we’ve arrived at the Elite Eight portion of the tournament. Up until now I’ve […]

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Gundam Unicorn 02: Lies, Damned Lies, and Zeke History

So with the year 2010 coming to a close it was a glorious event when Unicorn 02 was released so that UC Gundam would throw its hat into the ring. While my comrade Diamond 2, aka ExecutiveOtaku, says that the repetition has made Gundam stale he is…correct but only about the Zekes who are full […]

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UC Tradition Is The Cancer That Is Killing Gundam, A Modest Proposal From a UC Lifer

And again, and again, and again… . The Universal Century would best be left in the past. No more series. No nothing. No more. Most of its ideas ought to be left behind so that new alternate universes are not burdened by them. There are so many inherent problems with it that unless Sunrise decides […]

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Gundam Wing 46-49(Final): Zechs’ Counter Attack

In Gundam Wing Earth drops Axis on YOU! With the final battle lines all drawn Treize takes over Axis as a Feddie Base for his huge mob of Leos and his lone Tallgeese II. Relena’s efforts to dissuade Zechs from being like Char come up to nothing and The Gundam Pilots once again fail to […]

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Gundam Wing 41-45: Queen for a Day

Yes finally OP2 I still think this shot is still pretty good, though if only they had one with Dorthy and Relena… Relena’s reign is not long for the world after Zechs declares the start of his Neo-Zeon movement. While the doves of the Federation mull over what to do Trieze forces Relena to abdicate […]

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Gundam Wing 36-40: Backstabbing Basterds

Pretty much the only time Sandrock really looked badass. After Heero goes back to Relena, Nion starts referring to Epyon ans the righteous and true Trieze Gundam despite it being an equal opportunity hater. Other Trieze faction mooks are similarly besotted and flock to the Sanc Kingdom to bask in the glow of of Epyon’s […]

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Gundam Wing 31-35: High School Hijinks

For once in his life Heero did not want to hide out in a school. So Relena finally manages to ensnare Heero at her school, I have to tip my hat to Relena for using Trowa’s unknown whereabouts to get Heero to stay for the short term. It was delightfully underhanded without any table pounding […]

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